Saltar Salt Mine – One of the oldest salt deposits in the world

About 250 million years ago on the territory of modern Donbass There was an ocean. When he is trying, he left behind a huge amount of salt, which was buried underground for millions of years, until she was found in the 16th century.

Saltar Salt Mine – One of the oldest salt deposits in the world

For a long time, this region has been known as the main source of brine, which was used to produce salt. To evaporate water brine cooked in large pots using furnaces on firewood. This process was extremely energy-intensive, which led to a large-scale cutting of forests in many regions south of Soledar.

Saltar Saltar Saltar Salted Mine Shafts, Photo Salted Shafts Soledar, Photo 1

In the XVIII century, wood was replaced by coal, but the scale of salt production was still low. Only at the end of the 19th century, the underground stone salt deposit was opened. The first extraction of solid salt on an industrial scale took place in 1881.

Salted Salted Mine, Photo 2 Salted Mine Soledar, Photo 3 Salted Shakhty Soledar, photo 4

More than one hundred years of operation of the mining industry left huge saline mines and connecting passages at a depth of 300 meters below the surface.

Salted Mine Soledar, photo 5 shafts from salt

Saltar Salt Mine - One of the oldest salt deposits in the world

Salt mines are so great that one of them was transformed into a concert hall, and the other became used as a football isna. There is even an underground church for miners and cafes for tourists.

Mine from salt, photo mines from salt, photo 1 Shakhty from salt, photo 2

Part of the cave was transformed into Sanatorium Sanatorium. It is believed that cold and dry air, containing a small amount of salt dust, has a therapeutic effect on the human body.

Shakhty from salt, photo 3 Mine from salt, photo 4 Mines from salt, photo 5

Salt Sanatorium Saltar enjoys great popularity for the treatment of many respiratory diseases, allergies and skin diseases. Also here you can come on an excursion as part of a group of tourists.

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