Salt Museum in Pomorie

In recent years, in almost every diet nutrition store in Bulgaria, you can find a wide variety of salt from different ends of the world – Himalayan, pink, red, blue, black, gray. Still, on the table should always be "White gold", Without which we cannot – this is traditionally produced in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast Pomorian salt.

According to the allegations of specialists, the mining of this exceptionally valuable wealth began the Millennium Back. For ten years, the only one in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe "Museum of salt" In the resort Pomorie welcomes guests from all over the world. During this period, about 50 thousand tourists had the opportunity to consider interesting exhibits and find out where white salt crystals are obtained.

Although the idea of ​​creating such a museum was born back in the late 60s of the last century, he revealed the doors only in 2002. It was created with the financial support of the European Union on the headlight program. A few years later "Museum of salt" included in the list of 100 national tourist objects.

Salt Museum in Pomorie

One of the museums of the museum – Elijah. That’s what he told us:
"The museum consists of two parts, "our interlocutor says. – One of them is an exposure hall in which you can trace the history of salt production in G. Pomorie. We have a rich photographic material and modern audiovisual means. You can also see the tools of labor and benefits used by once sickle. In the summer months it is especially interesting to get acquainted with the inside of the museum. Then there is an opportunity and observe the method of extraction of sea salt on an ancient method characteristic of Pomorie. This is the only museum in Eastern Europe for salt producing by evaporation in the sun of sea water. This year in connection with the ten-year anniversary "Museum of sea salt" Guests of Pomorie will be able to attend very interesting events. The final stage of honor will take place in September, when a scientific conference will be held on the topic "The world of salt", – Additional Elijah Kusv.

Children and adults can take part in these celebrations. Already declared a competition for writing an essay on the topic "On the path of salt". Artists are also expected in the area of ​​the museum. For them, a prisoner is organized on the topic "The world is the sea", As part of which masters of the palette will be able to create their own works on various topics associated with salt, its production and salt worn Pomorie.

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