Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City) translates as a city from the salt lake — Capital and the most populated city of Utah in the US. The city is located in the north of the state near the big salt lake at an altitude of about 1300 m. Located in the Valley, Surrounded by the Mountains Wyostch and Okuirr. About half of the population are Mormons. The city has a sharp continental climate with hot dry summer and relatively cold winter.

Salt Lake City is primarily known in that the XIX Winter Olympic Games held in it in 2002. Around the city there is a large number of ski resorts, the most popular in America.

1. Utah ski resorts may undoubtedly offer both for tourists, who have repeatedly visited ski resorts in Colorado, and those who first went skiing in the US

2. 3 individual resort located 5-10 minutes by free bus of one another are a group of the largest ski resorts, situated in 5 minute distance from each other (US largest resort – Vale, the second place is occupied – Heavenly at Lake Tahoe, the third – Canyons in Utah)

3. The height of the slopes is 3085 meters at these resorts, where in Colorado is 4,060 meters (maximum), however, according to the locals, the snow in Utah even more dry and fluffy, as ski resorts in Utah surrounded by a ridge of mountains of Wasatch (the Wasatch) one salt lake side and on the other, further «dry» air, and there falls more snow for the season, and the air temperature above

4. To get to the ski resorts close – only a 40 minute drive from the airport and the beautiful city of Salt Lake City, one of the visiting cards of which is the majestic Temple Marmont on the central square in Salt Lake City.

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5. In addition to the standard set of apr├Ęs-ski, Salt Lake City offers a unique opportunity – spend a day in the Olympic village in 2002, to visit the Museum of the Olympic Games and Olympic trails to ride on the bob or sledging (tobogganing sport)

6. One advantage of the choice of ski resorts in Utah is also the possibility of visiting national parks in Utah (4 hours drive from Bryce Canyon) and the proximity of Las Vegas (6 hours drive)

7. As for the resort of Jackson Hole, Wyoming – this is definitely one of the best ski resorts in the US that offers a lot of interesting black slopes for PROFESSIONALS, challenging steep slopes, skiing on virgin snow, no queues at the lifts, a good choice of hotels from 3 to 5 * (Four Seasons Jackson Hole, Amangani) plus the ability to visit the largest national park of Yellowstone and Teton park.

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