Salt Lake Abbe – amazing place similar to the landscape of another planet

Solen Lake Abbe is the largest and last of the six connected lakes on the border between Ethiopia and Djibouti. The unique lake is located on the border of the Afar Vpadin, where the Arabic, Nubian and Somali tectonic plates come off apart from each other.

Salt Lake Abbe – amazing place similar to the landscape of another planet

Splitting of Nubian and Somali Plate created a strange landscape around Lake Abbe. As the two plates diverge from each other, the earth’s crust is compressed, creating large cracks.

Salt Lake Abbe Salted Lake Abbe between Ethiopia and Djibouti

Through the formed cracks, the magma pushes on the surface of the earth. As the lava goes outside it dissolves calcium carbonates, creating high slides like stalagmites. Some of these stalagmites reach a height of 50 meters and steam comes out of them.

Solen Lake Abbe, Africa Salted Lake Abbe in Africa Salted Lake in Africa – Abbe

This amazing alien landscape inspired directed by Charlton Heston on the shooting of the film 1968 "Planet Monkeys". It was here that most of the alien landscape was removed.

Abbe – Salted Lake in Africa Abbe – Salt Lake, Africa

Salt Lake Abbe - amazing place similar to the landscape of another planet

A few million years old, the Indian Ocean breaks through the coastal highlands and floods the Afarian depression, creating a new ocean and making Somalia with a big island.

Lake Abbe Lake Abbe, Africa

On the north-western shore of the lake rises sleeping volcano Ali. Abbe’s lake was somewhere much larger, but the removal of water from the River Avasha for the irrigation of fields in the 1950s reduced the area of ​​the lake for two thirds, and the water level fell 5 meters.

Abbe Lake, East Africa Lake Abbe in East Africa Abbe – Lake in Africa

The nearest city is 200 km from this unique place, but there is a small settlement created by people hundreds of years ago right on the shore. In it, the shepherds who are led by a herd and donkey. In addition to them, the only inhabitants of this lake are pink flamingos.

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