Salt, fresh and alkaline lake in Zavyalovo, Altai

A popular holiday destination among the locals and tourists is a small steppe plain almost without vegetation, except for the root of a fresh lake and a ribbon boron strip in distance. At a distance of no more than 500 meters from each other, there are different in the chemical composition of the water of the lake: salty, alkaline and curved (fresh, named so because of its form). The most valuable is the salt lake. Salt concentration in water is 115 grams per liter. At the bottom of the lake and on the shores – a blue medicinal clay, which is beneficial on the skin and joints. Due to the high concentration of salts in the water here it is impossible to drown. Red labels live in the lake – Rapa. It is said that they otmiraya create healing clay.

Water in salt lake taste bitter and salty. After swimming on the skin there is a unpleasant tightening effect and diverges of dry salt. On the sun immediately want to plunge into a fresh lake. Walking to fresh lake to get 15 minutes, no more. Krivoy (Fresh) Lake – Fish. Along the shore here is often sitting with rods.

In the opposite side of the salted lake, even closer than fresh, there is an alkaline lake. The composition of the water in this lake chloride-carbonate-sulfate type, the degree of mineralization – 10.6 g / l. At the bottom of the lake therapeutic blue clay. Sometimes it is called lake champagne due to bubbles that are formed around bathing. The taste of water in this lake is an acidic-fresh. After bathing on the skin there is no unpleasant feeling. On the territory there is a recreation center with houses, baths and shower rooms, an aquidodok and a wellness center with a variety of living conditions are opened: from a tent camp to comfortable cottages.

In general, in the territory of the area, in the ancient waters of the Flea, there is a chain of several salty and fresh lakes – Gracy, alcohol, ancient, curve, eggplant, modino, deep, sweet, cunning, and others. As well as floodplain lakes – bridge, Chernakovo, homemade, Batovo and others.

Salt, fresh and alkaline lake in Zavyalovo, Altai

Zavyalovsky Saloid is 250 km from Barnaul – the capital of the Altai Territory. By car you can get to the place on the highway Barnaul – Romanovo – Zavyalovo. Every day, a bus Barnaul – Zavyalovo goes from Barnaul bus station. From the village of Zavyalovo to the lake 7 more km, on foot or taxi.

In general, the territory of the Zavyalovsky district is written by a network of lakes – salty and fresh. Tourists from different regions of Russia are resting here. Very rushing on vacation and health.

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