Salou. Tips for resting

You gathered in the near future to relax in the wonderful Spanish resort Salou? Congratulations to you, because it is really a good choice! So, this resort city traditionally prefers a couple of children with children and young Sorvigolov, however, older travelers, passive beach pastime lovers here too will be what to do.

In order for your holiday in Salou was really filled with bright emotions, cheerful and economical (it is also important, agree), we strongly advise read and "wind on the mustache" The following tips and recommendations:

House rental in Salou – This is an excellent way to save on accommodation, especially if you remove the house or apartment for several people. In addition, you can safely save you and on food (local restaurant food is not too expensive, but cooking food on your own will still cost you cheaper).

Local cafeteria and restaurants on European standards offer their guests dishes at quite reasonable prices. Searches such institutions will also not be a problem – They are literally on every corner. On average, the portion of traditional Paeli will cost you in local catering establishments are not more expensive than in 10 euros. In general, in Spanish Salou Portions of food are large enough, generous, and for two not too hungry people or fragile ladies can be enough and one.

If you have a positive effect on all sorts of excursions, then limit yourself exclusively to Salou, it will be wrong. So, next to this city There are quite a lot of different meaningful historical sites, to visit in which under the start of an experienced guide really worth.

Salou. Tips for resting

The system of tip here is distributed practically to all types of services – this is a kind of sign of good tone. The taxi driver and the waiter should give about 5-10% of the amount of the account. Guide or maid at the hotel will be happy get tips from you 0.5-1 euro.

Absolutely all beaches of the resort are municipal, that is, in order to go on them, you won’t need to pay anything. But for the topchains, umbrellas and other accessories that can make a beach vacation much more comfortable, you We have to pay (referring to rental services).

Both the child and the adult will be undoubtedly interesting in local amusement parks and water parks – it is necessary to visit Port Aventura, Akvaleon, Aquapolis.

Salou. Tips for resting

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