Salon Scheme Boeing-747-400 Transaero №1

How to choose the best place in the Boeing-747-300 aircraft cabin Type number 1 Transaero Airlines?

It’s easy – follow the scheme of the Boeing-747-300 salon, which is based on the feedback from our users. And if you noticed any inaccuracy in this scheme, inform it on the forum on this page.

Number of chairs:

Transaero operates Boeing-747-400 in two different interior company: at 522 places and 375 seats. This Salon B-747-400 Type No. 1 on 522 places consists of:

  1. upper deck
    • Business class – 12 seats.
      Official distance between seats = 152.4 cm.
    • Economy class – 30 seats
      Official distance between seats = 86.4 cm.
    • lower deck
        Salon scheme Boeing-747-400 Transaero №1 Salon scheme, modifications, information about the aircraft
      • Tourist class – 480 seats.
        Official distance between seats = 78.7 cm.
        Sizes measured by our users:
        • The width of the chair between the handles – 44 cm
        • Seat pillow width – 46 cm
        • Depth of the seat cushion – 46 cm
        • The distance from the end of the seat cushion to the backrest of the next chair- 71 cm
        • Distance between rows – 48 cm

        For reference: Total Transaero uses 5 types of service on its flights:

        1. Imperial class
        2. Business Class
        3. Premium class
        4. Economic class
        5. Tourist class

        What do these classes mean in Transaero?

        1. «Imperial» In essence, the first class as on other airlines, but only has its own patented name.
        2. Business Class
        3. «Premium» The class is a discounted business class for the salons who did not undergo modernization (in them the seats of the business class do not meet modern requirements – usually it is a former interior of a business class on the bottom deck), but all the rest of the service fully corresponds to «Business».
        4. Economic class – places in Economy Essno a bit, legs with growth 180 were generally placed without any problems
        5. Tourist class

        Individual monitors for seeing games and movies are available in all salons: the size of the monitors in the business class = 15.4" (39.1 cm) in economy class and tourist – on 8.nine" (22.6 cm).

        Audio connectors are available in Armrests of all chairs in all salons.

        110 volts sockets in business class. In the tourist class no sockets.

        Mobile connection:

        On all sides of Transaero Boeing-747-400 equipped with WiFi-Internet, passengers are available in flight and mobile communication. The UN is provided with a cellular company Aeromobile, and the payment by passengers is carried out on the tariffs of the international roaming of their mobile operator.

        All Boeing-747-400 aircraft from August 2012 are equipped with Transaero without wireless Internet Wi-Fi. Internet access with own gadgets for the first and business classes is free. For passengers in economy class, this service is paid and amount to: 1) unlimited access for the flight – 800 rubles, 2) 1 hour of use – 400 rubles – Hour use. To connect to the Internet in flight, you need to choose a network access point «Transaero», Upload the page of the airline on which this service is paid by credit.

        Salon scheme Boeing-747-400 Transaero №1 Salon scheme, modifications, information about the aircraft

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