Salnik Moldova

Resort town in Romania (Zhudz Baku). Known for its mineral sources, the International Balneological Resort (with breaks) from the middle of the XIX century. The city is located just 80 km from Baku, through which the Moscow-Sofia train passes.

The city is located in the valley of the Salnik River in the Eastern Carpathians, in the southwest of the Zhudtsa Bacau. A narrow and long valley is surrounded by high mountain slopes, the height of the city center above sea level is 530 meters, while in the neighborhood there are heights from 832 meters to 1015 m (Ski resort Paltinish) and above.

The total area of ​​the city exceeds 115 square kilometers, but from this area over 92 square kilometers is covered with forest

Mountains around Salnik Moldova consist of oligocene sediments. Main breeds — Clivical sandstone and shale, with thin layers of mineral salts and other fossils, such as sulfur, in which skeletons of fossil organisms come across. The sources of the Salnik River are located in the region of older eocene deposits. Rodniki, mapping through sandstones and shale, go to the surface with rich salts and ferrous compounds, as well as carbon dioxide, creating so-called moffee

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Salnik Moldova: excursions and events

«Keile 300 Scared» (300 steps), Cascade Cascade Salnik (599 m above sea level), Valya Salnialuju and Mountains «Pofa», «Cube», Ruinel Uzuluy, Caerketo — Hunting Reserve, Bogdan Monastery.

You can go to Bucharest (299 km), to Moldova monasteries — Voronets, Sucevitsa, Moldovitsa (270 km), Royal Castle Peles in Sinai (230 km), Bran Castle (Dracula, 195 km) or Brasov (170km).

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Salnik Moldova, Romania Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Turniprome Travel Guide


Climate B

Climate Salnik Moldova, located in the gorge, softer compared to the surrounding mountain areas. It is distinguished by warm summer, slowly turning into autumn, characterized by long cold rains, and soft winter. Average annual temperature — 7,1° Celsius; In the warm month, July, the average temperature is 17.8° Celsius; The coldest month of the year — January (average temperature -4 Celsius). The average atmospheric pressure is low, about 720 mm mercury pillars (in the summer months below, in autumn and winter above). Forest years and cool moderate winds, predominantly southwestern, provide the city clean air

Salnik Moldova: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Transport features

Salnik Moldova is associated with the neighboring town of Targuu-windows by bus route and road DN12B, the length of which is 18 kilometers. Targu-window is associated with larger settlements both by road trails and railways

Salnik Moldova, Romania Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Turniprome Travel Guide

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