Salla (Salla)

Salla (Salla) or Sallatunturi (Sallatunturi) – Ski resort in Lapland Province in Northeast Finland, 10 km from the Salla village of the eponymous, and about 900 km from Helsinki.

The history of Finnish ski sports originated in the majestic landscapes of Salla. The first championship of Finland for Sllyom and high-speed descent was held here 70 years ago. The traditions of the birthplace of Finnish skiing today are strong, more than ever.

Distinctive features of the Salla resort – compactness (from the lower point of the lifts you can walk to restaurants and most accommodation places) and a variety of tracks, both for beginners and experienced skiers (and snowboarders). Experienced skiers will certainly appreciate the hinds of the hits and the slope for slalom, the level of complexity of which says that national teams of many countries are trained.

The resort has rental and maintenance of equipment, as well as a ski school.

Ski season: November 20 – April 20.

Sports opportunities area: Mountain and cross-country skis, Safari on deer and dog sledding, Snowmobile safaris, Sports Center.

Official site of the Salal resort –

Maximum height difference – 230 M

Ski slopes – 15

Maximum slope length – 1300 m

Lighted slopes – 11

Located slopes – 15

Baby slopes – 2

The speed of the speed descent is

Specialized slopes – 4

The total length of crossing routes – 147 km (lit. 42 km)

Travel routes skiing – 34 km

All ski tracks (with the exception of the skiing routes) have a width of 6-8 m and the possibility of movement in two directions. To care for the skiing, used the most modern equipment.

Snow Park – Might and trick slopes

Snowboard Park – With a length of about 1 km, equipped with the following tracks:

Salla (Salla)

Boxing with 10 meter Flat

Short straight rayl

Long-line Rail

Double kink press

There are many options to get to Salla ski resort. You can travel by train to Kemiyarvi, from where a bus service is organized from Salla or fly by plane to Kuusamo or Rovaniemi.

By plane

FINNAIR airlines performs a few flights from Helsinki in Rovaniemi and Kuusamo. Blue 1 airline also offers daily flight on Helsinki Rovaniemi.

Matkahuolto buses will deliver you from Rovaniemi Airport to Salla and back. Flights between Kuusamo and Salla Airport implements Pohjolan Matka, whose buses depart directly from the airport.

By train

From Helsinki by train to Kemiyarvi, then transfer by car, or by buses, whose schedule is compiled taking into account the arriving trains.

Attention! On Sundays there is no bus service from the railway station Kemyarvi to Salla!

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