Salina Tourda – Unique Salt Mine with Beautiful Backlight in Romania

Salina Tourda is the usual old salt mine, located deeply underground in the city of Turda in Romania. Her main difference is that many beautiful lamps are tired here, which give this place a special atmosphere.

Saline Tourda – Unique Salt Mine with Beautiful Illumination in Romania Salina Tourdes – Unique Salt Mine with Beautiful Backlit, Romania

Salt here was first mined in antiquity. Saline Salina Tourda from time to time he worked and supplied a table salt to local residents from the Middle Ages and before the beginning of the 20th century.

Salina Tourda – Unique Salt Mine in Romania Salina Tourda – Salt Mine in Romania

Salt mining was stopped in 1932, after which the underground mines performed various functions: from bomb shelter during World War II, to the natural refrigerator for cheese storage.

Salina Tourda – Salt Mine, Romania Salted Mine Salina Turda

In 1992, the mine was opened to the public and turned into a museum-park with entertainment. Now there are walkways for bowling, amphitheater, mini-golf, ferris wheel, spa and even underground lake with boats.

Saline Mine Salina Tourda, Romania Salt Mine Salina Turda Romania

Elevators who were once used to transport salts now transport people between mines and raise them to the surface. Bright lamps throughout the mines emphasize the textured surface of the dungeon.

Saline Mine Salina Tourda, city Tourda Saline Mine Salina Tourda, city Tourda, Romania

Salina Tourda - Unique Salt Mine with Beautiful Backlight in Romania

One of the most vivid features of Salina Salina Tourda is a panoramic wheel that allows tourists to see stalagmites who have formed for 1000-year-old cave history.

Saline Mine Salina Tourda, Tourda City in Romania Salt Mine

The museum is divided into three mines: Mine Teresia goes deep into 120 meters, followed by Mine Anton for 108 meters and mine Rudolph by 42 meters.

Salt Mine, Romania

All huge premises of the mines were dulling manually, because of which this place looks even more impressive.

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