Sales of tours abroad stopped

The collapse of the ruble actually stopped selling tourist junctions in Russia. All directions were injured, and first of all – European. At the same time, in the our direction of winter tourism, there is a revival and obvious growth.

Score not for pocket

According to the our Union of Tourism (PCT), regarding November-December last year, the sale of foreign New Year’s tours has decreased by 50%, in some directions, the decline has reached 70% of sales. Press Secretary of the PCT Irina Tyurin reported to journalists about a large number of failures from tours due to sharply rising additional costs that tourists themselves are on food, excursions and t.D. According to the press secretary, due to problems with the course of currencies, the tourist industry in terms of outbound tourism is now experiencing even the worst times than in 2008, when the sales drop did not exceed 20%.

Very acute situation has developed around partially paid tours. In connection with the unprecedented and unexpected growth of the dollar and the euro, the tour operators are forced to demand a surcharge from tourists to the current course that they can afford not all. Refusal to the tour is a dubious way out of such a situation for a tourist, since part of the amount paid in due failure is lost irrevocably. Reducing the duration of the trip, which offers some travel agencies, also suits not all.

Aviators also drown

The consequences of the fall of the national currency rate felt not only tour operators, but also domestic air carriers. «Aeroflot», The largest our airline, has already announced a refusal to some directions. Among them are the most popular routes to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, as well as to Tokyo and Salzburg. At the same time, the truth is «Aeroflot» Staged that flights of the Group of Companies will be executed at the specified destinations «Aeroflot» – «GTK Russia» and «Orenburg Airlines».

Sales of tours abroad stopped

After «Aeroflot» began to reduce directions and other airlines. «Siberia» intends to refuse flights to Basel and Split, «Transaero» – On Tenerife, in Barcelona, ​​Paphos and Sanyu, «Ural Airlines» – in Dubai, Prague, Tel Aviv, Munich, Stuttgart, Podgorica.

Russia is waiting!

On this oblivion background, the appeal of the explosion of our tourists to the domestic resorts. Sharply increased, compared with the past seasons, the number of people who wish to spend the New Year holidays in our ski resorts – in Dombay, Arkhyze and recently Sochi. In Sochi, in particular, in the ski resort «Rosa Khutor», Even arose problems with lack of places in hotels and ski passes on ski sludge during the New Year holidays.

That «Import substitution», Naturally, there will be negative consequences for the tourism industry abroad, primarily in the EU countries, where tourists from Russia in recent years have accounted for a significant part of the flow. According to experts from «Rosturism», Reducing the flow of our tourists to Europe can reach 90%. Large European tour operators are already feeling «Reverse effect» from sanctions introduced by the EU against Russia. So, one of the largest travel companies «Sunrise Tour» Already announced that after Christmas and New Year’s holidays, all its skiing programs in Italy and Austria will be canceled, although until the end of the ski season in the Alps will still have «good» one and a half or two months. The company’s management in its press release explained such a decisive step fear to admit price reduction and «combustion» empty chairs that in conditions of currency instability is unacceptable.

Sales of tours abroad stopped

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