"Saldy in Italian"

Twice a year in Italy "ix hour" – It is winter and summer sales. Shops cannot accommodate all those wishing. Not what to go – sighed with full of breast it is impossible. Especially in Rome, especially on such "Fashion streets", Like Via Del Corso, Via Kondotti, Appia Nova, Via National. As if three million inhabitants of Rome and still so much visitors did not buy anything for a whole year.

Low price season can not start earlier than the official period. In winter, it is January 7, the next day after the Holy Epiphanian holiday, or the good witch of the Befana. Summer – the first decade of July. Season of winter sales lasts until March 1, Summer – until August 1. To ensure that there were no teasing tablets in the shop windows "Saldi", Are the city authorities. Violators are fined for astronomical sums. Huge multi-storey store "Coin" Near San Giovanni-In-laterano Square was ruthlessly closed by the police in the first days of January for illegally opened the sale season until January 7. Now the administration threatens a large penalty, trouble in the mayor’s office. But maybe everything will cost everything – in Italy, the official authorities and private structures are always manageable to find a common language.

During the period of sales, large shopping centers are open on Sundays, contrary to the age-old traditions of the South European country, where any unnecessary television at the weekend is considered almost a sin. "White collars" Worried to offend in a shoe or furniture even in a lunch break. And after work – in the salon of fashionable clothes, a tie shop, book and economical.

Every third Italian goes to shoot stress. in the store. Visiting a traffic point in this country is considered a much more efficient rest than walking in the fresh air, a jog of a trick, a trip to the museum or in a movie. Only 2% of Italians in their free time are attached to culture in museums and exhibitions. 14% are cooled at the bar, 15% sweat in the gym, 17 %% relax in nature, and as much as 32% is pleasant and useful to rest in stores. And in the process of such "recreation" Italian is ready to part with a very impressive sum of his blood.

Saldy in Italian

For the sake of welcome shopping, the Italian is ready to endure the multi-kilometer car traffic jams, stand up for hours in line on the sale of shirts, mocking in the rain or roast under the midday sun. And after – a mandatory good treat to the fame of new things!

The most correct store for the average inheritance of Italy is such in which there is only little. First of all, it should be clothes, then – shoes, be sure to perfume, a wide selection of household goods and a food department, preferably with a large pasta department. In recent years, in Italy, the roots were allowed and a purely American desire quickly gothes – to get everything from shopping right away, right up to the rejuvenated linen and coffee cups. But another 10-20 years ago, there was a whole ritual in the Apennine families: after a hearty home dinner, everything, from Mala to Velika, specially went to the cafe, – drink a cup of espresso, to enjoy ice cream, enjoy a glass of fragrant "AMARO" – bitter balm on herbs that promotes digestion.

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