Salar de Utyan

Salar is a dried salted lake. Salar de Uuesty – the biggest dried salt lake in the world.

The first of the civilized world saw him Nile Armstrong, when he visited (?) on the moon.

Salar de Utyan

This place made me simply an extraterrestrial impression. Unreal colors, obviously rounded horizon, salted air and age-old cacti growing on corals. This stunning piece of the world inspired me on a trip to the wilds of South America long for 4 months. And now he inspired me again to create this note that for me for the first time. (Unlike trips in Yua)

To join the beautiful in the right and most complete manner it was necessary to get up at 4 am.
Again. The benefit that it was already the last night of our 4-day round in the Alpine region Lipez in Bolivia. And the end was visible, and already trained already. In shelter without breakfast and dealers, we boot into a brittle Toyota Landkrucher, the years of EDAC 80x, who served us faithfully and the truth in the course of the most complex movements and runs from angry blockadic groups. Julio, our driver, once again managed to make a small miracle and bring us to the place – Isla de Pescado Island – before all at least half an hour. I am still surprised how he did it in the pitch darkness without any navigator and GPS, given that there are no roads completely, but "Kisa" on the salary is absolutely flat and visible only when.
Thanks to the professionalism of Julio, I even managed to get on the highest withered coral of the island and with an absolute buzz stick dawn from the best point. I’m afraid that now in my top 10 dawns, this firmly took the first place, although with a slight margin of ahead of the dawn on Machu Picchu. (photo 1-7)
When the sun rose above the horizon high enough so that Salar becomes dazzling (in the literal sense) White, I decided to descend from the top of the island and feel the salt "Waves". They are obtained under the action of water and wind in the rainy season.(photo 8-10)
On the way back to the parking lot (pier?) I met Ostrich Nanda. Manual instance. (photo 11)
I come to the parking lot I found that it came up the pieces of fifteen jeeps with tourists and they had already occupied every unfortunate cactus and violently photographed. Jeep teams prepared breakfast on salt tables, someone played football. (Photo 12)
After breakfast and football, we decided to leave the crowd to some secluded place of Salara in order to make the best photos and relax from a multilingual crowd. (photo 13-16)
Picture number 17 – the best of my picture) His Dolland Renata did.
And we made a classic video with getting down-packing in a pack "Pringles".
When we wanted to continue our way, then from somewhere on foot Boliviec driver from another company came running and reported that his jeep broke, and that he urgently needed help. Well, Naturally, Julio could not refuse him and we went to cut out a poor fellow. As a result, we pulled their jeep on the rope to the salt hotel, the girls from their group were blocked into our jeep, and guys on the roof. I told me the identity and I climbed there with them. (photo 18-19)
And indeed, it was unrealistic fun and extremely ride on the roof of a jeep on a white and white salt lake. It’s nice, but fatally for the skin on the face, which in the evening it became right …
Salt hotel special impression did not make me after all previous beauties and entertainment, although it was nice to discover the our flag there.(photo 20)
In the evening, on returning to the village Uyuni, we have shock noted the end of a complex tour and also the day of St. George with Anglecians from our group.(photo 21) What luck was that Niphel’s Fotik besides red-ai effect had a Rad-Face effect and in the photo we left not so red as it was in reality. But it’s all – small troubles against the background of those stunning impressions that we have experienced in just one day on Salare de Uyuni.

Salar de Utyan

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