Saint-Pierre’s kitchen and Michelona (France)

The kitchen islands is a colorful mixture of Indian, Spanish and French culinary traditions with a clear predominance of the latter. The islanders themselves believe that local cooks are not just prepared for or other dishes, but create Art De Vivre (words of words – "Art of Life" And at the same time "Art of food"). Cooking on Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and is indeed something like a lifestyle, inheriting from French cuisine its best traditions and recipes. Here you can enjoy dishes of various regions of France, many of which were influenced by special nuances under the influence of local traditions.

National food

At the head of local cooking, it is undoubtedly the fish and gifts of the sea – dishes made of fried or boiled fish here Hundreds, and local crabs, lobsters, shrimps and cod are widely known outside the country. Moreover, the most unusual combinations of different gifts of the sea are used, like lasagna from crabs with mussels or boiled shrimp with algae sauce. At the same time, they can easily serve traditional fried bananas for countries "Toosoness" or boiled potatoes, but be sure to make a large amount of greenery or some sauce sauce. And at the same time here you can find a huge (by local standards, of course) the number of restaurants offering traditional French snails or frogs, indispensable cafe, where no less familiar croissants and lush white buns are served, as well as cozy restaurants where you can taste roasted Pigeon, chicken in wine sauce, first-class cheese or pancakes from pea flour.

Saint-Pierre's kitchen and Michelona (France)


Coffee and various fruit juices are traditional non-alcoholic beverages (mostly carbonated). Gorgeous wines and strong alcoholic beverages from the metropolis are a traditional element of any local feast. The best varieties of red wines from Bordeaux or Burgundy, Cider, champagne of all varieties and cognac can be found in almost any restaurant (local climatic conditions do not contribute to the cultivation of grapes on the islands, so all alcohol products are imported into the country from abroad).

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