Saint-Joseph (Saint-Joseph)

Saint Joseph (Saint Joseph) – Commune, located in the south of the Reunion Island, is the most southernmost point of the European Union. The commune has an area of ​​178.50 km². According to the census of the population in 2006, 33,509 people lived here.

His commune name was in honor of the Governor of Josef Charvet (Joseph Charvet).

One of the popular places in Seu Joseph is a small village of Manapany (Manapany) with a swimming pool created by nature itself from basalt rocks, it is located on the border from the Commune Peti Il. Also, lovers swimming can go on the Lanzhen River (RivièRE LANGEVIN), It is worth noting that there are quite a lot of holidaymakers on the weekend.

And in Vincendo village (Vincendo) is located one of the unique black sandy beaches of the island, which is formed in the cyclone season, however, due to weather conditions, it is not recommended to swim here.

Saint-Joseph (Saint-Joseph)

Attracts the attention of tourists and multi-level jacqueline waterfall, whose water at the end of its way falls into the sea.

If you come to Saint-Joseph in November, you can get to the holiday of turmeric, held here every year. And since 2005, from December 18 to December 20, a festival is held in the cave of swallows in honor of the holiday of Kaf (FêTE KAF).

Saint-Joseph (Saint-Joseph)

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