Quiz: what is it?

Answer: pigeon-contraceptive hostel.

Those times passed when the pigeons lived in honor and luxury: they were awarded orders for reconnaissance services and assistance in sending front letters, Duma devoted to them, and on the banks of the river Dordogne built whole pigeons castles. Now hunting on these birds. Especially unbelievable feathered in France. Traitor-Paris, first you put the blue monument in the world’s first monument on the Mao Square, and now announced all representatives of this avian fiction in wanted.

In fact, Parisians have for what to be offended on pigeons. Every year on cleaning roofs, facades of buildings, monuments and windows, the city administration spends about € 150,000 (according to our mercantile calculations, pigeon litter stands as a studio apartment in Grenoble). The amount is unpleasant, especially if we consider that Paris enters the top three cities of record holders in the number of pigeons living in them (Venice and Brussels lead).

To reduce costs, the city government in 2006 conducted a bird’s census. Corresponding to all, determined the right amount of pigeons that can claim life in Paris. They gave them to registration on all standards, even gave the living space – built special pigeons. The City Hall was estimated that their content in each district will cost cheaper than the restoration of buildings.

Special worker attached to buildings. He looks like a scientist from a secret laboratory: dressed in a white robe, on the face Respirator and safety glasses. Vensean Galdi, an employee of the Society for the Protection of Urban Birds, says that his form will be recognized in the Paris neighborhoods not only by local residents, who are having a long time to his appearance, but the pigeons themselves. Only starting to work, he locked the birds in the pigeon for several days so that they are accustomed to each other and to the setting, and then became their friend: appears at them at home once a week for feeding and collecting eggs.

Quiz what is

Each pair of pigeons you can have only one offspring per year, so unauthorized pending eggs are taken away, and instead the units are put down so that the doves do not cease to cross the other chicks. Parisians are jokingly called these pigeons "attics-contraceptives". Funny, but the truth works: in the capital, the number of pigeons decreased by almost a third. Total in the hostel, about 80 birds live with a lot of shelves, live.

In many countries, they are struggling with pigeons populations: in the USA they add safe drugs that prevent breeding in England, in England, a ban on bird feeding in public places. Pigeons not only spoil the appearance of the city, marking the heads of durable people from cast iron and marble, but also carry dangerous diseases. Installing one doves costs France at € 20,000, still dozens go for maintenance, feed and care. But the Parisians do not seem big to Paris – they are ready to pay additional taxes for humane methods for monitoring the number of birds. In 2017, when the mayor of one of the districts of the city offered to buy two hawks and three falcons to kill the pigeons, residents of the capital were outraged: they collected signatures for the abolition of bloodthirsty innovation. The action was named "Stop genocide". Apparently, the blue houses are all more likely, than predatory birds: to intimidate on Notre Dame, Garguli is enough.

The number of Parisian blueness grows. The French government assures: when there will be more than one pigeon in each Paris district, the population of birds should be reduced from 100,000 at least up to 50,000.

Quiz what is

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