Quinstown. The capital of the adventures of New Zealand. How to get and what to see?

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, Be sure to include visiting Quinstown. This small town is located in the southwest Southern Island, in the region Otago. Due to its successful location on the shore Lake Vakatipu, Surrounded by mountains Quinstown attracts a lot of outdoor lovers from around the world. Not surprisingly, classes here can be found for every taste and level of training. It:
• skiing;
• rafting, or alloy on mountain rivers;
• riding on the jet boat on the Shotere River;
• Basejumping, or jumping from Tarzanka;
• paragliding;
• balloons skating;
• climbing and more.

How to get to the city

The fastest way to get into Quinstown – Airplane. Local flights are made from major cities Southern Island, such as Invercagill or Christchurch. Also in the city you can get directly from Auckland on Northern Island.
If you have a lot of free time in stock, you can get to the city by bus or car. Intercity buses leave from Denedina, Vanaki and Invercagill. Also in these cities operate Cappering services, where you can rent a car. This is the most popular way of travel. In this case, you can fully consider The beauty of Nature of New Zealand.

What to see

Located in a small valley surrounded by mountains, Kinstown Airport considered one of the most interesting in the world. Pilots performing flights undergo special training. Your first unforgettable adventure will begin in the air, on the birth to the city. The plane caresses between the mountains, makes a circle above the lake Wakatype. From the portholesale of stunning types of mountains and nature.

Lake Vakatipu – the purest mountain lake in the form of the letter S. It can be observed on it unusual tides and flows during the day. According to the legend of the indigenous population, Maori, at the bottom of the lake lies the defeated Giant, the heart of which still beats. In fact, it is due to the peculiarities of the form of the lake and temperature fluctuations during the day. On the lake excellent fishing. If you do not like your active vacation, you can take a walk on an old ship.

Quinstown. The capital of the adventures of New Zealand. How to get and what to see

Wakatipu Botanical Garden It is famous for its rare varieties of trees, both local and those growing on the mainland. It is nice to take walks on a hot summer day, resting in the shadow of Piht and Dubov, who planted another first mayor Quinstown in the middle of the 19th century.

Remarkable – Signal place for skiers of the whole world. Located 40 minutes away The mountain resort offers all types of active ski rest, and landscapes of snow-covered Southern Alps no one will leave indifferent. The tracks of any levels of difficulty are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Ski, Snowboard rentals are available here, there is a speed-descent school and medical center.

The symbol of New Zealand Kiwi is difficult to see in wildlife because of her night lifestyle. In the Kiwi Park Reserve, you can admire and feed these amazing birds, thanks to special night houses. You can also see a rare Reptipe Tautara, During the tour of the five acres of the reserve to listen to entertaining lectures from the audio guide.

If you like both active rest and unhurried, bright excursions in carefully saved forests and plains, then Quinstown – Your choice for travel.

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