Quiet hunting

Collecting mushrooms from quiet country leisure turns into a fashionable direction of tourism. In recent years, many countries have sold the recreational potential of mushroom tours – it allows you to develop not only ecotourism, but also the sector of rustic hotels, create new jobs.

Mushroom tourism can be an addition to rest in a country or a separate specialized tour, be almost free or quite expensive, occupy noon or week. You can choose Scandinavian chanterelles and white mushrooms or go to France to hunt a delicious truffle. "Quiet hunting" – not just a way to diversify your menu. Walk through the woods – a great way to remove stress, learn the country with inside, and sometimes to earn: in a number of countries at special items bought forest gifts for good rates.

White mushroom

According to Finnish law, any person has the right to use forest gifts. All provincial Finland is covered with a network of small hotels and a cafe, which allows you to combine a trip to the real Finnish forest with the benefits of civilization. Mushroomary – the most important element of Finnish Mushroom Tours: 1 kg of fresh mushrooms is here about € 7, and a lucky mushroom with ease partially recovery.

Weekly tour includes a hotel on the lake and breakfast, – 15,000 rubles.; One-day – about 2000 rubles. Departure from St. Petersburg

Lapland foxes

The best place for the "quiet hunting" in Sweden – Swedish Lapland. Here mushroom tours are performed by experienced mushrooms. Mysterious Karljohanssvamp, or "Mushroom Karl Yuhan", turns out to be a white mushroom. King Karl Yuhhan was French origin and loved White Mushrooms popular in France. They say he bred them in his residence Rozersberg. And the Swedes, in turn, were very loved by their king and called white mushrooms in his honor. However, the most Swedes are valued by chanterelles.

One-day tour with a mushroom conductor – about € 50

Black truffle

The number of mined truffles is declining the year from year, and cultivate them, unlike champignons, has not yet been able. In 1880, France gave the world of 1320 tons of black truffles; Now the market appears only 20 tons per year. They are looking for in groves specially trained pigs and dogs possessing a thin scent. Collect truffles best in Perigore, Provence, on the azure shore. The cost of the truffle of the prigore on the market can reach € 6,000 per kg.

Quiet hunting

Truffles – expensive pleasure, and hunting for them – entertainment for rich. For those who are specially riding a mushroom hunt from Russia, the cost of a weekly rest, which includes the search for a "black diamond", can reach several thousand euros

From the first Tuesday of December to March

White truffle

Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria, Lati and Calabria – Main regions for white truffle hunting. And in total in Italy for the year 84 tons of "White Diamond". The most famous are Piedmont Truffles, and the best route of the fungal tourist – the road of white truffles, passing through the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo. In October, in every city, Asti Province is a holiday of white truffles, which gourmets from around the world come. In some areas, Italy not only pay a duty for the collection of mushrooms, but also taking place on safe behavior in the forest. You can not squeeze, shoot down and stew mushrooms that will not go to the basket of the mushroommate, it is forbidden to break off earth cover, and the mushrooms collected above 1 kg can confiscate and impose a fine of € 15-30.

€ 2000

From October to January


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