Quiet hunting

From early childhood, the campaign for mushrooms was, perhaps, one of the most beloved classes. It is difficult to convey that delight that was tested in childhood (and now when a trip for mushrooms takes place in the company with friends or family) at the sight of handsome Borovik or the most photogenic and cute, in my opinion, from all edible mushrooms – boletus.

Well, if in modern realities it turns out at least once or two in the season to get into the forest. The walk through the forest is perhaps the very kind of recreation that combines pleasant with useful. In addition to the fact that the attentive mushroom will be rewarded by the gifts of the forest, so he will still receive pleasure from the fact that he escaped from concrete jungle and dwells in peace from a calm and measured promenade among trees.

Many mushrooms despite the fact that they have pretty bright colors of the hats, have a property "hide" Under the fallen foliage, or grow under the fine forest fault, without breaking it, which adds them a secrecy from the eyes of the mushroom.

In the middle of Russia, it is believed that mushrooms appear several times throughout the year with short breaks. So-called sprayings that some mistakenly consider the type of mushrooms, appear in early June and their appearance is associated with the time of the beginning of the rye, hence the name. Otherwise, depending on temperature, edible mushrooms are found until October.

The most valuable and favorite mushroom for most collectors, of course, is a white mushroom.

Quiet hunt 1

Possessing excellent taste and capable of participating in the preparation of many dishes, he rightfully occupies one of the leading places among edible mushrooms.

In addition to those noted above "noble", There are those representatives of a mushroom family who are unlikely to make any of us with you to put in our basket, but will definitely look around them, or make a frame for memory. Amanitors, perhaps, one of the most pretty mushrooms from inedible.
With his red hat with white spots, he is visible for tens of meters among grass and foliage foliage, it will not be able to go past.

Many mushrooms have a property grow "Bares", "Family", And some are so "Close" each other that can not break blood bonds even being solid.

Quiet hunt 1

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