Quiet Azure Lake Pukaki

New Zealand can see the unusual beauty of Lake Pukaki, which is included in the honorable top ten of the most beautiful lakes of the planet. His pure turquoise water borders with harsh yellowish vegetation. When you look at the photos of this lake, it seems that they were masterfully processed in Photoshop. However, this is its natural color, which is provided by the melting glaciers Hooker and Tasman.

The origin of Lake Pukaki

Translated from Maori "Pukaki" means "crumpled water". The exact origin of the lake is not clarified. It is known that it formed as a result of the departure of glaciers. And your own The unique color of the Pukaki acquired due to the content in its waters of a large number of smallest particles of glacial dust.

Why lake has such a name is also not known. Many say that a long time ago there were floods in which the raging water of melting glaciers rapidly flowed from the mountain slopes. Water streams were very large, resulting in a lake. It seems to be "inflated" by mountain glaciers, and therefore got such a mysterious name.

But the local population There is own legend, telling about the origin of the name of a colorful lake.

Previously, various tribes lived in New Zealand, who constantly fought with each other. To restore the truce between nations, a girl named Ngathi Vakauye decided to marry Ngathi Piciao &# 8211; warrior from the enemy tribe. The wedding took place, and in 1700, the spouses were born a baby who called Pukaki. Subsequently he became a great warrior. Pukaka tried to the warring nations, and was appointed leader of the Joint Maori tribe. The picturesque New Zealand lake received its current name in honor of the Great Warrior and the leader Maori.

Uniqueness of the lake

Lake Pukaki placed on the island of South in New Zealand. It occupies the territory of the Canterbury region. Pukaki belongs to the largest high-altitude lakes having a glacial origin. Every year it is replenished with melting glacier waters that give the lake a distinct blue tint. Pukaki covers an area of ​​178.7 kV.M., and its height is about 530 meters above sea level. From the north side of the lake, the Tasman River flows, taking the beginning in the glaciers of the Cook Mountain.

Quiet Azure Lake Pukaki

In a clear sunny day, a picturesque and majestic mountain Cook reflected in the water stroy. From the shores of the lake, the beautiful view of the mountain ranges, which people are called the "big white cloud". The lake is surrounded by Canterbury hills – wild and deserted. Snow-covered Cook slopes emphasize serenity and silence of water landscape.

Lake Pukaki has a huge hydropower potential: it is an integral part of the Uaitaki system. In the southern part of the coast of Pukaki there is a dam and breakthrough channels, which remove its water to the hydroelectric station "OCHU A". To increase the capacity of the lake, in the 1940s and 1970s, it was raised by the level of its water. This led to the flooding of the Lake Island.

Lake Pukaki is located Large observation deck Mount Cook with information center. From here you can admire the magic beauty of the water landscape and the greatness of the mountains around him.

Pukaki attracts inrage from all over the earth. It fascinates with its beauty and picturesque landscapes. On the shore of the lake, riding and mountain biking are organized. This place is perfect for fishing. Near Pukaka is a local farm where excursions are organized. Here, visit guests showing sheep haircut and trained shepherd skills.

On the territory of Lake Pukaki, there is a beautiful picnic area, which is visited by the favorite destination of outdoor activities.

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