Questions and Answers about air tickets

2. What "Sunday rule" (Sunday Rule)?
This rule implies what the reverse flight must be no earlier night from Saturday on Sunday (00 hours of local departure airport).
This rule is invented in the US. American airlines have become clearly divided (segmenting) the airline market, highlighting those who use air transport for personal purposes, and those who fly for official purposes. Traveling usually rarely spend the night from Saturday to Sunday on a business trip (if a business trip is not long). And flying to rest for their own purposes can take a ticket, observing Sunday Rule. So cheaper flights are sold with "Capture" night from Saturday to Sunday.

3. What is a full economic rate (full economy)?
It is the tariff of the economic class without restrictions. T. E. In the flight, you can change the date, departure time, take even after the flight departure when the flight is displayed (No Show).
(Do not confuse with the cheapest economy tariffs that budget travelers are usually flying. Different airlines are different divisions on tariffs inside Economy, the cheapest tariffs are commonly called Promo or somehow similar – these are the tickets, of course, you can not donate after the failure to appear, change the data and T.D.).

4. What is the Terms of Application Tariff (PED)?
These are the tariff rules that accept the passenger, buying a ticket. They are written in English Conditions Changes, Return, Recomposition and T. D.

5. What is a meeting of tickets?
Buying a ticket, the passenger agrees with the rules of the application of the tariff (POP), in which it is written that flights in the ticket are used consistently (setting), starting at the first flight.

Questions and Answers about air tickets

6. What is no show?
This is a non-appearance on the flight without notice the carrier. According to the overwhelming majority of the tariffs of the economic class (except for the total economic tariff), the failure of the flight leads to the cancellation of the ticket without the right to return.

7. What is Open-Jaw?
This is an open route in one ticket "roundtrip". There are 2 types of Open-Jaw:
-Departure "back" From the airport, which does not match the airport arrival "there". It is assumed that between the airport of arrival to the destination and airport of departure, the passenger gets along another air ticket or other vehicles (Perm – Moscow and St. Petersburg – Perm);
-Arrival "back" to the airport that is not coinciting with the airport of departure "there" (Perm – Moscow and Moscow – Ekaterinburg).

eight. What is 100over?
Stopper – stop in the intermediate paragraph (more than 24 hours) with the right to transport passengers who made the stop at this point.

Questions and Answers about air tickets

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