How to fill out a questionnaire on a Thai visa

It’s time to continue the topic about visa issues. Remember, I already wrote about the types of visas and permissions that are needed by foreign citizens when entering Thailand. I remind you if you are a citizen of the our Federation, Ukraine and are going to the kingdom with a tourist purpose for a period of less than 30 days, this article you can not read, as a free stamp is placed on the border. For citizens of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries for entering the kingdom, as well as for citizens of the our Federation, who have come together to come to Thailand for more than 30 days, the article will also help to deal with all the intricacies of filling the questionnaire to Thai visa. Moreover, if citizens of Georgia and Kazakhstan, you can get a visa visa, then citizens of Belarus need to submit documents only to the nearest Consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Attention! From April 14, 2019, Thailand cancels an arrival visa for citizens of Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and some other countries. Now they put a free 30-day stamp, like the ours. And citizens of Georgia can now receive a paid visa on arrival at the border (VOA) for 15 days.

It is worth a reservation, for what cases I need the questionnaires that I bring below. Similar questionnaires are filled in all Consulates of the Kingdom of Thailand and at airports: Bangkok, Chiang May, Chiang Paradise, Phuket, Hut Yaya, Utapao, Samui. Not on all pedestrian transitions there is a service of visas, mostly they put only visa-free stamps. Therefore, if you plan to leave Thailand and return and have a tourist visa in the passport, you need to put a stamp about secondary entrance – RE-Entry. It is done in a few hours in any immigration office across the country. For example, you entered the kingdom for 15 days, having received a visa, and are going to go on a tour in Kuala Lumpur. For a prosperous return to Thailand, you need to visit the immigration office and get permission to the secondary entry on your visa. Or by arrival will have to pay for a new visa once again.

But back to the questionnaire, which you need to fill. Here are two questionnaires typical of Consulates of Thailand and to obtain a visa on arrival. Visually they may differ depending on the consulate, but the principle remains the same. Questionnaires are clickable, you can fill them as a sample, but in no case do not use them as the original, always take a new form.

Application for Visa On Arrival – Questionnaire filled at the airport, visa on arrival

    Questionnaire for Thai Visa - Visa Registration in Thailand, Rules, Sample Filling Travel Guide
  • Mr./ MRS./ Miss and Family Name / First Name / Middle Name (In Block Letters) – Surname and Name (Printed Latin Letters)
  • Nationality – citizenship
  • Passport or Traveling Document NO. – passport number or other document you travel
  • Date and Place of Issue – date and place of passport
  • EXPIRY DATE – the expiration date of the passport
  • FLIGHT NO. – the flight number on which you flew
  • Occupation – Your profession (if difficult, write Manager)
  • Permanent Address – Your Home Address
  • Address in Thailand – Address in Thailand (Enough to write a hotel name and city)
  • Name and Address of Person (S) Of Reference In Thailand – the name and address of guarantors in Thailand (title and address of the host)
  • If Accompanied by Minor Children Traveling On Same Passport, Please Give Names, Dates and Places of Birth – If juvenile children are traveled to the passport, enter their full names, date and place of birth
  • Signature – Signature
  • Date – Date Filling Questionnaire
  • For Official Use Only – only for service marks (Below is not necessary for this phrase)

Visa Application Form – a visa profile filled in the Consulates of the Kingdom of Thailand

  • First, in the upper right corner it is necessary to note the type of visa to which the documents are submitted: transit, tourist or non-immigration – most popular types.
  • Mr./ MRS./ Miss and Family Name / First Name / Middle Name (In Block Letters) – Surname and Name (Printed Latin Letters)
  • FORMER NAME – former surname (for example, maiden)
  • Nationality – citizenship
  • Nationality At Birth – Citizenship at birth (you can write USSR)
  • BIRTH PLACE – place of birth
  • Marital Status – marital status
  • Date of Birth – date of birth
  • Type of Travel Document – type of document by which travel (for example, Passport)
  • No. – passport ID
  • Issued AT – by anyone issued (so write, as in the passport)
  • Date of Issue – issue date
  • EXPIRY DATE – expiration date
  • Occupation (Specify PRESENT POSITION AND NAME OF EMPLOYER) – Profession with the position and name of the company
  • Current Address – address where you live at the time of filing the questionnaire (for example, the hotel in the city where the consulate is located)
  • Permanent Address (IF Difference From Above) – address of permanent residence
  • Names, Dates and Places of Birth of Minor Children (If Accompanying) – Names, Dates and Places of birth of minor children (if they travel with you)
  • Date of Arrival in Thailand – Date of arrival in Thailand
  • Travel BY – What is traveling (Plane or Bus)
  • FLIGHT NO. OR VESSEL’S NAME – flight number or bus
  • Duration of Proposed Stay – stay in Thailand
  • Date Of Previous Visit to Thailand – date of the previous entrance to Thailand
  • Purpose of Visit: Tourism / TRANSIT / Business / Diplomatic / Official / Other (Please Specify) – Target: Tourism / Transit / Work / Diplomatic / Other (specify which)
  • Countries for Which Travel Document Is Valid – Countries in which the passport is valid (no doubt – ALL)
  • Proposed Address in Thailand – Address in Thailand
  • Name and Address of Local Guarantor – the name and address of the local guarantee (for example, a travel company in the country where the consulate is located)
  • Name and Address of Guarantor in Thailand – the name and address of the guarantee in Thailand (for example, a travel company or a company where you work, in Thailand)
  • I HEREBY DECLARE THAT I WILL NOT REQUEST ANY REFUND FROM MY PAID VISA FEE EVEN IF My Application Has Beed Declined – subscribing under this offer, you confirm that you will not request a visa value refund in case you are denied
  • Signature – Signature
  • Date – Date Filling Questionnaire
  • Attention for tourist and transit Visas Applicants: I Hereby Declare It The Purpose of My Visit to Thailand Is for Pleasure or Transit Only and That in No Case Shall I Engage Myself in Any Profession or Occupation While in The Country – by subscribing under this offer, you We guarantee that your tourist or transit visa will be used to destination tourism or transit, this type of visas does not allow to work during stay in the country
  • For Official Use – only for service marks (Below is not necessary to fill in this phrase)

Do not forget about two photos. The questionnaires specified the size of photos that will be required to submit for a visa. In addition, when submitting documents for a visa, you may require the following: a return ticket, confirmation of solvency in the form of cash withdrawal, as well as other documents that depend on the type of visa. To find out all the details of documents for one or another consulate, please contact there yourself. Consulates of the Kingdom of Thailand very much and I do not speak information on all details.

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