Question: what is it?

Answer: Window Cell for Walking Children.

Question what is this2

This frightened construction was actually intended for children whose parents lived in close apartments in urban conditions. In order for the child as much as possible in the air and at the same time, under the supervision of adults, American Emma Reed from Washington in 1922 patented such a strange device for walking kids. The description of the patent said: "Everybody is well known that parents often experience difficulties growing their children in densely populated cities that are not built in the most important way in terms of a healthy lifestyle". Production of such a device was to solve the problem: the cell with the child was securely fixed and hanging out over the window, sometimes even at a fairly high height, so that the kid was spent more time in the air and in the sun. The idea was so popular that after ten years in England the authorities of one of the industrial districts of London – Poplar – decided to massively post cells for children on their buildings. Even in such a prestigious area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon, like Chelsea, the members of the Bebi Club, who lived in high-altitude houses and did not have any garden, nor the playground, happily perceived this invention. The cell was equipped with a roof in case of bad weather.

Question what is this2

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