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XVII century – time when medicine acted with a loan to religion. Here is the French obstetrician Francois Moriso, who developed a lot of useful tools and advanced techniques (in his "treatise on pregnant and childbirth", for example, a techniques were described in the pelvic prevention of the fetus, he first introduced childbirth in beds and invented many more useful things for fen and babies), invented such a "baptismal syringe" for severe birth. True, he did not help to objectiveness. The child sprinkled with holy water right in the uterus and the baby left our yudol sorrow with direct pass to paradise. In some designs, the cannool was indulged in a cross to enhance the effect of the procedure.

Question what is this 1

The fact is that until 2007, the Roman Catholic Church tried to reconcile the thesis on the original sin and the obvious innocence of infants by the compromise concept of limb – the place where, as he put on the "Divine Comedy" of Dante Aligiery, the dead children stay in bliss, but deprived of presence God. Back in 1905, Pope X wrote: "Children who died to baptism fall into the Limb, where they do not enjoy the presence of God, but at the same time do not suffer. Because of the original sin, and only because of him, they do not deserve paradise, as well as hell or purgatory. And only in 2007, the church officially abandoned the concept of limb and began to transmit the souls of dead babies straight to heaven.

Question what is this 1

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