Question: what is it?

Answer: Ball removal device.

Surgery refer to ancient medical specialties. Still in Egypt for 2000-3000 before. NS. Wrapped the blood, the dislocations were played and the stones from the bladder were removed, and the doctors of ancient Greece described the case of successful amputation. The golden age ended in the Middle Ages. Then the surgeons were considered artisans and in the estate of doctors were not allowed. There is a permanent struggle between artisans surgeons and university husbands. So far, the latter put leeches and theoretical, the first did caesarean section, the limbs soldered and sewed wounds – the crusades and the interdiscructures were enough at that time. French surgeons, by the way, did not give themselves offended and united in the Brotherhood of Saint Space at the University of Paris.

Question what is it

And in 1540, the company’s association of Bradobreyev and the Surgeons Guild. It is noteworthy that the new society was relying for the body’s experiments of four executed criminals annually. (The corpses lacked, of course, because the illegal head flourished). Surgeons were divided into actually surgeons, the valves (the removal of teeth and bloodletting) and the buyers (corns removal). Knowledge was transferred by apprenticeship. And only in the XVIII century, the first surgical academy was opened by the decision of the King Louis XV.

Question what is it

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