Question: What happens in the picture?

Answer: The race of the participants of the club Mickey Mouse.

When the economy collapses and it seems that everything is bad, a very strange hero can come to the rescue. Mickey Mouse, born in 1928, a year before the stock collar and began the Great Depression, became a salvation not only for Disney studio, but also for factories that began to produce goods with his image.

Question what happens in the picture 1

Mouse makes his debut in a black and white short Cartoon "Willy Village". He lasted only eight minutes, but became the first in history with an animated film with synchronous sound. True, then Mickey Mouse reminded rather rat. He had a long sharp nose, black eyes with a cracked expression, a small body with thin legs and a long tail. But gradually it was done more cute: the eyes were increased, pupils added, the ears were rounded, the nose was shortened, and the body was made more centerast. So it turned out the world famous mouse.

In 1929, his creator of Walt Disney proposed to hold the fans in the cinemas, and the clubs of Mickey Mouse began to open across the country. And soon they began to appear in other countries. At the meetings not only discussed by all the favorite hero, but also held costume events, as the race that you see in the picture. "Mickimania" captured the world.

Question what happens in the picture 1

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