Question: What happens in the photo?

Answer: Two men pour alcohol into the sewer.

So blasphemous method, the Americans got rid of alcohol during dry law. The bottle of whiskey, drunk in the day, was an ordinary thing for many European colonists, but I didn’t like to Protestants-Puritans. Sobriety societies grew in the USA as on yeast, and at the end of the XIX – early XX century, believers achieved their.

Question what happens in the photo

In 1851, Maine was the first to ban the sale of all alcohol-containing liquids. An exception was technical, medicinal and industrial. And on January 16, 1920, the 18th amendment to the Constitution, which prohibited the production, sale and transportation of drinks, which contain 0.5% of ethyl alcohol and above entered into force on January 16.

However, drinking from this less Americans did not become. Store and eat no one forbade! At first, the drink, originally intended for sale, was demonstratively poured out into the sewer or directly to the ground, and the journalists filmed the process on the cameras. But then it became the routine services, following the execution of the law, and the interest of readers to the moralism of the pit. Photos of alcoholic "rivers" stopped interested. And since the problem did not solve this and the alcohol began to sell in the black market, in 1933 the authorities decided to adopt a 21-amendment that canceled the 18th and thereby put an end to the ban. And then the bootleggers unfolded.

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