Quest "Chamber of Secrets" on Phuket

It is great that on Phuket every year more and more interesting places appear, where you can go on your own. I want to tell you about "Mystery room" – Quest attraction in style "Room escape", which will be interesting and children and adults.

OMESCAPE company operating an attraction "Chamber of Secrets", – This is a team of professionals in Quests and Timbilding with branches in 20 cities in the world. Already over a million people participated in their game. Such leaders of the international market, like Google, Siemens, Nestle, Ericsson, spend their corporate competitions annually with them. Now and you have a chance to try the world’s most popular attraction with your family and friends.

Idea "Secret room" Grow out from a popular computer game where you had to find a way out of the room by solving puzzles and search for the desired props. Now this entertainment is available live, it went beyond the computer screen. The attraction reminds famous "Ford Bayard", Only you do not have to pull out the keys from the chamber with spiders and apply significant physical efforts. Even small children and people in age can participate in the game with Azart. No additional physical efforts, you will need only your sharp mind and email. And, unlike the computer version, a player is not alone. He can come with his friends, family, colleagues and divide the pleasant emotions from solving problems and the joy of victory.

What is the main strategy of the game "Chamber of Secrets"? The quest is to solve various tasks: find the right fragrance, solve the puzzle, go along the corridor with lasers. The concept of escape is to find a way out of the room, show your fantasy and smelting, become a winner. You go into the room where you have to find tips and solve all the riddles. You need to use non-standard thinking, imagination and fantasy, notice unusual nuances using your vision, smelling and intelligent abilities to find a way out of the room. The raisin of the attraction is a mechanical part, the very exit can expect you anywhere: moving walls, secret decoration levers and other non-standard "Doors". But I will not tell all the secrets "Secret room".

Many subjects B "Mystery room" are prompts or part of the puzzle, so you need to look carefully around, I do not miss any little things. On the other hand, it is not necessary to complicate, all the riddles are very simple, schoolchildren of secondary classes with ease will cope with them.

When I participated in Quest, my friend, having drowned the flower from the vase, I noticed: the stem will be launched – it means something. Believe me, everything is difficult. The team passes the quest per hour and a half. Each team has 3 tips. Depending on the number of players, you offer two script options.

Quest Mystery Room on Phuket - Photo, Video, Discount on the game Guide to Phuket

You can come to play the whole family or with friends. "Chamber of Secrets" Conveniently located on the territory of the overstate house.

Cost Quest "Chamber of Secrets":
"Jenny": Maximum 4 adults – 1800 baht.
"Omega": Maximum 6 adults – 2400 baht.
Children under 7 can play as a quest for free.

Address: Bypass Road, between Siam Niramit Park and Premium Outlet Trading
Coordinates: 7.938459, 98.379783
Opening hours: daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

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