Queen Victoria or several secrets Mrs Brown

Alexandrina Victoria, she is Mrs. Melbourne, she is the same Windsor Widow, she is Mrs. Brown, she is a grandmother of Europe, and simply – Queen Victoria, which rules for the British Empire from 1837 to 1901. All this time, she led diaries, which amounted to 124 volumes. Look at them.

Alexandrina Victoria

Alexandrina Victoria was the daughter of Prince Eduard Augustus, the fourth son of King Great Britain George III. She was named after Alexandrina in honor of one of the glory fathers, the Emperor of Russia Alexander I. On the throne of Princess could only dream, but in 1820, with a difference of six days, when she was only eight months old, her grandfather and father died (and if the first staged old age and dementia, then the second died from ordinary pneumonia). Then, in series, one after another, all three of her uncle died: in 1827 – the Duke of Yorksky, in the 1830th – King George IV and, finally, in 1837 – King Wilhelm IV. Heirs none of them left, and at 18 years old Alexandrina Victoria became the queen.

"At 6 o’clock in the morning, my mother woke me up, who told me that the Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Cunningham here and want to see me, – she recorded that day in the diary. – I got out of bed and went to my living room (in one bathrobe) and saw them. Lord Cunningham told me that my poor uncle, the king, is no longer with us, and left at 12 minutes by the 3rd in the morning, and, therefore, I am Queen … Since the providence I want to give me such a position, I will do everything possible, To fulfill your duty to the fatherland; I am very young and in many ways, though not in everything, inexperienced, but I am sure that very few have the same good will and the desire to fulfill what should be fulfilled ".

His first name is Alexandrin – she never used.

Mrs. Melbourne

The new Queen, indeed, was inexperienced in state affairs, and she needed a smart mentor. So Mentor for Young Victoria became William Lam, Viscount Melbourne, the Prime Minister of England, who at that time was already at sixty.

"I like it very much, and I’m confident in it. He is a very direct, honest, clever and good person – Writing Victoria about him in his diary. – He is always in a good mood, kind, good, very pleasant. I ride him every day, I sit with him during and after lunch, and we are talking about different things. ".

However, not everyone liked that Lord Melbourne has such a strong influence on the queen. Soon in England rumors about their closest relationships than one could expect. And the victoria of the enemies began to call Mrs. Melbourne. However, the queen herself heated these rumors with his behavior: "I am sure that none of your friends loves you as I, dear Lord M."," Writing him in one of the notes. "I will extremely upset if I lose it at least for one night," recorded the queen in the diary. "Why she wrote "night", but not "day"?"- lovers of roasted lovers. However, it is "Lord M."I advised her to get married to her more independent in the state of government’s management, since the unmarried girl at that time could not count on respect.

Grandmother of Europe

Her husband Victoria became her cousin, Prince Francis Charles Ogastus Emmanuel Saxen-Coburg-Gothsky, more famous as Prince Albert. Victoria, as the True Queen, showed the initiative in this matter: "I said that he should be guessed, why did I call him, and that I would be very happy if he gave it to this desire [marry me] … We hugged, and he was so kind, so gentle ".

But how Victoria describes in his diaries the day of their marriage: "I never, never spent such an evening. My dear, dear, dear Albert. his big love and attachment gave me a feeling of heavenly love and happiness that I never hoped to feel before! He concluded me in his arms, and we kissed each other again and again! His beauty, his sweetness and tenderness – how can I ever be really grateful for such a husband! It was the happiest day in my life!"

They lived together 21 years (from the 1840s to 1861st), and no scandal, no breakdown, no love intruder on the side never overshadowed their family happiness. Their relationship became a pillar of the so-called Victorian morality based on family values ​​and mutual respect for the spouses to each other. Nine children also founded family alliances with representatives of many royal courtyards in Europe, which allowed reporters of that time to call Queen Victoria Babushka Europe.

Her granddaughter of Alice under the name Alexandra Fedorovna became the wife of the last our emperor Nicholas II. Before their wedding, Queen Victoria warned the girl: "Russia’s condition is so bad that at any moment something terrible can happen there".

Windsor widow

Queen Victoria or several secrets Mrs Brown

In 1861, Prince Albert unexpectedly died of abdominal typhoid. For the queen it was such a strong blow that she was plunged into mourning for several years, stopped appearing in public and interested in political life. Until the end of life she wore only black.

Reaching in the Windsor Castle, she complained to the King of Belgium: "The depressed Sordogyadle widow with a completely broken heart feels unhappy eight-month-old orphan! My life will never be happy! The world closed for me. "

And in the diary she recorded: "I stand on a sad secluded vertex … to express in words my grief and the deepest despair is almost impossible: it seems that any feeling sinking in this intolerable longing. I see how the kidneys swell on the trees, how the days are lengthened, how the primroses bloom, but I continue to live in December. She refused to believe in the death of her husband. Courtful seriously feared for her mental health.

Mrs Brown

Soon a new man appeared in her life. But not in the sense, in which gluzzles like talking about it. It was someone John Brown, the former huntsman Prince Albert, and now – "Queen’s personal servant". Yes, the bedroom of this harsh Scots was next to her bedroom. Yes, he was with her nonlessly from early morning and to deep night. Yes, he became the only mediator between her and the rest of the world. But it didn’t mean anything. Their relationship itself Queen called "warm and loving friendship".

"I decided that Brown would now constantly be with me and will render me and other services, except to drive my pony, because I have to rely on it … He is so calm, so the smart, he has such good memory. In addition, he is so devoted, so tied to me, so debris. It is so convenient – constantly having in the house of a person, whose existence is subordinated only to one goal – to serve me, and one God knows, to what extent I need someone so that it cares about me … What a consolation is constantly having a brown ".

She forced her heraldists to make a genealogical tree Brownov to prove that John Brown’s father was a descendant of one of the approximate Karl II. I established two medals of his name, which were awarded especially distinguished servants … And the acute journalists nicknamed her Mrs. Brown. Lord Derby In one of the letters warned General Gray: "The presence of Brown in the Queen carriage can provoke the people that he will not only sweep it – that is not the worst! – but also throw stones in it ".

However, there are no documentary evidence that the queen was incorrect to his husband’s memory. After his death, she finally removed Mourning on Prince Albert. In the coffin she was lying in a white dress and wedding veil.

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