Queen of the Desert

From August 25 to September 2 in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada (USA), the next Burning Man festival was held. It is famous for its amazing costumes, crazy performances and vehicles, as if generated universe films about Mad Max. This year the theme of the festival has become a transformation. On Burning Man, you can traditionally use money – you can only share any other participants. In addition, all the garbage that will remain, guests take away with them. Admire the selection of photos from Instagram participants in Burning Man 2019, as well as on a large photo project with pictures from the festivals of past years. If you want to learn more about Burning MAN and other temporary cities – read the material "My Planet".


The tricky frog saddled the brocade carp and rides on it! By the way, these fish, also called Koi carpami, were specifically domesticated in Japan and removed from Amur Sazan. Total distinguished 14 forms and coloring of such carps. Koi are able to live several decades, and some individuals – even a century. There is a case when a fish named Hanako (in such a moonful, she certainly was worthy of getting his own name) lived in several owners as much as 226 years. Her age was determined by one of the scales. Khanako is still considered one of the main animal long-livers of the world.

World of letters

French architect and artist Emmanuel Moro has been living in Japan for many years, where he has opened its own company. One of the latest projects of Moro is called the "Universe of Letters" and is a space, top-ended by hieroglyphic inscriptions, carved out of paper (by the way, have you ever wondered how generally Japanese children remember these stokers?). As a result, visitors seem inside the book. Installation was opened to the public in July of this year in Tokyo. Emmanuel emphasizes that he drew inspiration in the traditions of the Japanese Festival of Tanabat Stars. In the days of the event, people write their dreams on color pieces of paper and suspend them on branch bamboo. It is believed that so mandated will surely come true. Read also Article "My Planet" about three views on Japan.

How to grow tukan

Queen of the Desert

We present to your attention a video structure for the cultivation of a nosed bird-tukan from the egg to an adult state. As you can notice, the chicks in Tukanans are born blind, bare and completely helpless. They open their eyes only after three weeks, and the first plumage occurs in about a month. Therefore, in the wild in the first two or three months of life, they at all do not leave the nest. When Tucanians live in captivity, they love to communicate with a person (and in general behave like cats!) However, imitate human speech are not capable. But in the jungle they not only love to sing, but also perfectly parody the voices of other feathered fellow. Tukanans are found in rainforest from South Mexico to Northern Argentina.

Leave your mark

This snapshot of the cosmonaut from the ship "Apollo-16" Charles Dewuk left on the surface of the moon on April 20, 1972. It depicts an astronaut himself, as well as his wife and sons. Photography still is on the surface of the Earth’s satellite. Space trash … or historical artifact? How to know. By the way, if you gather on vacation to the moon, do not forget to familiarize yourself with our guide to its main attractions.

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