Queen of the desert 2010

From October 27 to November 2, 2010. Thousands of tourists, as well as residents of Israel, will be able to participate in the third annual female jeep expedition on the deserted terrain of Israel. Israeli jeep expedition "Queen of the Desert 2010" organized by the Jewish Agency of Local and International Travels with the assistance of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism and is a subsidiary of international programs "Queen of the Desert".

This year, the weekly journey will be held in the unique deserts of the southern part of Israel, including Mitspe-Ramon, Barak and Moa fuck. Approximate start date of the program – October 27. In addition to the traditional jeep adventure, the Queen of the Desert 2010, as opposed to past years, includes some features, such as the Desert Environmental Protection Project. The final part of the route will be kept in the strictest selection, and the participants will be able to learn about it only in the last days of their travel.

It is assumed that all teams will consist of 3-4 people and will receive on the use of one all-wheel drive car, on which they will be able to pursue the deserts of Israel. The "Queen of the Desert 2010" program will be held under the constant supervision of an experienced leader and will include full support of participants, including medical.

Queen of the desert 2010

"This is a unique experience, t.To. This adventure gives a sense of strong friendly cohesion, as well as the chance to see the beauty and serenity of the desert. The most exciting adventure for me was the meeting of the most diverse women, from the most different parts of the world in Israel, "said Alice Kolmen, participant in the 2009 jeep-expedition, -" We were all different: and by age and in character. Those strong bonds of friendship, which we managed to form, are not amenable to any description ". "The serenity and beauty of the Negev desert left only one desire in us – to experience this unforgettable experience again," Freda Surki shared.

Only women not under 20 years old who have valid driver’s licenses can participate in the program. However, the experience of driving the all-wheel drive car is not required. Candidates that have been registered will be carefully selected on the principle of compatibility. During the trip to participants will be provided to kosher food, and they in turn require compliance with the laws of Shabbat.

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