Queen Mary (Queen Mary)

Cyen Mary’s transatlantic liner – a hotel and tourist attraction of Southern California, moored in Long Beach.

Built in the UK in the 1930s, Queen Mary liner has a rich and bright story. Before World War I, he began to make regular flights to the Atlantic, while establishing record records. During the war, the liner was used to transport military. Flower fell on postwar years, when within 2 dozen years, the ship served transatlantic routes.

In 1967, Queen Mary was sold to the United States and went on his last route from England to Long Beach. The width of the Panama Canal was insufficient for Queen Mary and he had to go to Cape Gorn to get to California coast. In December 1967, Queen Mary solemnly entered Long Beach Bay, where he is today.

Hotel on board Queen Mary offers its guests a different level room located on three decks. Immersion in the atmosphere of the 30s – 50s is guaranteed.

As a tourist, there are several options for visiting the museum ship. In addition to independent excursions (to choose from access to various expositions and sites of liner, optionally with audio studies), there are group tours, as well as special excursions.

Queen Mary (Queen Mary)

Also Queen Mary is a popular place for wedding and solemn ceremonies.

Among the most popular – visiting the Soviet submarine «Scorpion», Night excursions on the ship, as well as excursions with ghosts Queen Mary.

Getting from Los Angeles Airport to Queen Mary can be about half an hour. Taxi costs approximately $ 80. Ticket cost for adults $ 20- $ 40.

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