Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 years

At noon on Thursday, Elizabeth II will open the Royal Pedestrian City of Windsor. Everyone can now walk around 6.3 km around the city and park, along the way, getting acquainted with 63 attractions, historically significant and important personally for the queen in places. Figure 63 is not accidental: It is so many years of the Queen at the time of its 90th anniversary is on the throne. It is noteworthy that similar routes are now being developed in many countries of the British Commonwealth. As expected, by 2018 their number will reach 100, RIA Novosti reports.

Opening a memorial sign, the birthday girl and her spouse Duke Edinburgh Philipp walks in the Windsor Park and is expected to meet with the peers of the Queen – the British, celebrating this year the 90th anniversary.

The second event on Thursday is scheduled for the evening: the queen in honor of his birthday will light fire on one of the torches installed in Windsor, after which more than a thousand lights will be lit throughout the country – large and small. As expected, a small speech will perform the eldest son of Queen Prince Wales Charles. For the official part there will be a dinner in Windsor Castle, during which Elizavet II will congratulate the nearest relatives.

Interestingly, British monarchs celebrate their birthday twice. The idea of ​​milking the real and official birthdays of the monarch belonged to Eduard VII, the ruled country from 1901 to 1910. The king has a birthday in November, but he decided to postpone the celebration in the hope of good weather. And although in the UK it is impossible to predict the weather even in June, the tradition has fixed.

Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 years

Real Birthdays of Elizabeth II is usually privatically, in a circle of family and friends, and in June, he watches the famous parade of the banner, conducts a review of troops and welcomes subjects from the balcony. The current year was decided to make a special day in connection with the anniversary: ​​the queen will spend their real birthday, and the official celebration program will be significantly expanded, so, in fact, the country will celebrate the anniversary of the monarch for almost three months, from April to June (official birthday falls this year on June 11).

Lilibet (so called Elizabeth Alexander Maria native) was born at 2:40 am on April 21, 1926 in London in the family of the Duke of York Albert and his wife Elizabeth. Nothing foreshadowed that the eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess will be the heiress of the throne, while in 1936 her uncle, King Edward VIII not renounced the crown to marry a divorced American Wallace Simpson. At that moment, the life of Elizabeth has changed forever: Suddenly, becoming a daughter of King George VI, she took over the obligation to serve his country all his life.

For a long time, the oldest monarch, last year she became the longest monarch, having broken the record of his great-granddaughter Queen Victoria, which was 63 years old, seven months and two days.

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