Queen Day in Amsterdam

April 30 in Amsterdam a traditional holiday will be held "Queen’s Day". This is always a joyful day for the city, and this year the festival will be special – the new king and the Queen of the Netherlands officially go to the throne.

During the celebration in the city, up to 800 thousand tourists are expected, so those who want to come to Amsterdam on May holidays better book a hotel in advance. Of course, Amsterdam hotels will not be expensive to overestimate the holiday, but free places are quickly bought. If you choose the hotel yourself, you can find a good offer at a low price, the booking systems can make a discount or offer last-minute rooms even for festive dates.

Queen Day public holiday, but his atmosphere is always more reminded by carnival. Celebrations will be held on April 30, but Amsterdam City Hall promises interesting events and before, and after the holiday. During the celebration of the Queen Day through the streets of the city, a traditional parade will be held, live music will play, popular DJs and street artists will perform.

Queen Day in Amsterdam

The whole city and its inhabitants, and even pets, painted in orange. Thousands of brightly decorated boats will float through Amsterdam’s channels, some will play musicians and act dance groups. In the center of Amsterdam, a traditional flea market is organized, one of the world’s largest, where you can buy souvenirs and vintage things.

This year, in honor of the entry into the throne of a new monarch, after the Day of the Queen Amsterdam will celebrate the night of the king.

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