Quarter Veissenhof

Quarter Veissenhof, or as it is called «White yards» is a symbol of a new part of the city. The village was built as part of a demonstration show «Modern housing».

In the early 19th century, the government decided to build modern houses for medium families in need of the roof over his head. This quarter is a kind of experiment that the authorities wanted to show future urban development. The most modern and advanced technologies have invested in the architecture of the buildings at that time. Today «White yards» – Monument dedicated to European architecture. Leading scientists and world architects were invited to develop a project. As a result, 16 specialists from several countries took part in the development. As a result, a whole settlement has grown in the city, the distinctive feature of which – Low Roofs and White Walls. This is an architectural monument of the thirties.

Quarter Weisesenhof Sights of Stuttgart Travel Guide

On the territory of the settlement there are just over 20 residential buildings. In the period of World War II, many buildings were destroyed, in the fifties of the 20th century, two facilities were demolished. Today in the quarter you can see only 10 preserved homes. Among the snow-white houses you can walk at any time. Buildings transfer architectural innovations of the last century.

Quarter Weisesenhof Sights of Stuttgart Travel Guide

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