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There is such an area in Frankfurt, which is sharply different from other areas of the city. It reminds his appearance more center New York or Singapore. Skyscrapers, the most famous banks and office buildings of the city are located here.

The area originated on the world’s equal city center. The fact is that the war claimed the magnificence of architectural buildings with themselves. Some part of the restore managed, and the rest of the territory was given to the court to modern architects, which decided to build «City of Giakanov». This area has long been a separate landmark. The most famous local skyscraper, «Eurobasnya» He is the head office of the Central Bank of Europe. A huge monument of the euro is installed in front of the building. Another Giant «MesseTurm» It stretches to the sky almost 300 meters and ranks third in high altitude throughout Europe. The feature of the skyscraper in its own mail index. The most successful observation deck is located on a two-hundredth altitude, on the last floors «Main Tower». Here is the panoramic restaurant, which serves delicious beer.

Quarter of banks Sights of Frankfurt Travel Guide

The most amazing thing is that many skyscrapers are allowed free access. And on the last floors of some high spirits, hotel rooms, cafes and restaurants.

Quarter of banks Sights of Frankfurt Travel Guide

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