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Motherland! Tens of thousands of compatriots voluntarily remained abroad during a pandemic. And while most ours isolated itself in their apartments, chew buckwheat and watches, gradually replaced the winter on the street summer, these guys are watching the windows very different picture.

Why in Kenya miss pancakes and Japan are walking together with the whole country? What song includes the evening, police in Austria and in the desert that inspired Australian beaches? About the peculiarities of national isolation in Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia, read the material.

From heroes spoke and wrote Zmigrodskaya Irena.

All photos sent to heroes reporting themselves. This is their real views from the windows. Windows quarantine around the world.

Anna, orientalist yaponista from Ekaterinburg

Quarantine: Tokyo, Japan

"The epidemic is take me to Tokyo, where I raise my qualification in a language school. I arrived here at the last moment, before closing the borders, even had to re-buy a ticket, because the first flight was canceled.

In late March I was flying through Moscow, and in the eyes rushed desolate emptiness Moscow airport. But in Tokyo it was different: a lot of people, all wearing masks. But there always so many people wearing masks – so the Japanese are rescued from the dust, exhaust and allergy.

By late March, the Japanese school to postpone the start of the school year, which was to begin April 1, some firms have switched to teleworking. More were closed museums and parks. But in April in Japan – it’s the season of sakura, the most beautiful symbol of the transience of life, only a week and the petals fall. Local love this time – going on picnics and enjoy the blooming trees. That’s why even during an epidemic of people in the streets, squares, cafes and bars had a lot of!

On the seventh day of April declared emergency mode in seven prefectures in Japan, where most cases. Closed book and clothing stores, shopping centers, many restaurants, more and more companies shifted to udalenku.

It has the fewer people on the streets? No. And I do not sit at home. Go to the mask, nowhere touching, with no one to talk, except for a shop. My language school runs classes remotely and I look online.

Now, by May, the state of emergency imposed on the country and closed movement between prefectures. The fact is that of the Constitution of Japan, the government can only recommend something to its citizens, and those already in force in its sole discretion. Since the May holidays in Japan – Golden Week, when the Japanese traditionally travel across the country, to exactly no one to tempt or endanger some of the prefecture simply closed border.

And back Local authorities have allocated all residents and foreign residents, about $ 1,000 financial assistance in this difficult time ".

Alexander, traveler, journalist from St. Petersburg

Quarantine in: Perth, Australia

"I’m stuck on a quarantine in Western Australia, Perth town. From here was supposed to go to the dependent territory of Australia, but Two days after arrival in Perth, the boundaries between the states closed. Now I can not get to the city, from where in theory you can return to Russia.

Australians are very lawless and try to sit at home as much as possible. And if we come out, only in stores, pharmacies and restaurants Take-Away, while observing the social distance of one and a half or two meters, they only communicate with those with whom Quarantine. Most of the victims in Australia are tourists who sail on cruise liners, very little among local infected, But people nevertheless keep all the quarantine measures entered by the government.

I know that the beaches are completely closed in Sydney, but in Perth Local ride the beach, but not massively. I am on the beach to breathe with the ocean air, but I try to go to those parts where people are not at all. Evenings run to maintain immunity. Previously, I could not bear running, but here I run 10 kilometers every day!

Toilet paper here, as the entire planet quickly, they fought quickly, but after just a week, all the products of the first were needed again in stores, no one raised prices.

During the quarantine, I revised all the TV series, adding the eighth book about traveling, working on my blog. I live here in a three-bedroom apartment with a friend, he is also a traveler. Everyone has their own room and their affairs, communicate in a common living room. We really do not know how stuck here: the Prime Minister has proven that the sky for tourists can be closed until 21 years.

I miss my mother and brother. Mom in St. Petersburg, and brother recently evacuated from Thailand on exporting flight. I miss our cuisine and in Georgian. As soon as I come back home, hug my mother, brother, pick a cat from the Pet hotel and immediately go to my favorite Georgian restaurant: We sing Khinkali, hunting hostess.

I want to walk along the Neva embankment, breathe fresh Petersburg air and understand that everything is bad in life passes, and good returns, especially soon the summer".

Daria, a former travel agent from Moscow

Quarantine in: Benidorm, Spain

"Quoted quarantine in the Spanish New York – so nicknamed Benidorm for the fact that 70% of height in Spain were concentrated here. I had to fly to Moscow at work, but it was afraid that back I was not allowed and stayed. If it is necessary to choose between insulation in a Moscow apartment or warm with a view of the sea, then my decision is not in favor of the first option!

Quarantine with us, in general, like everyone else: supermarkets, clinics, pharmacies work. You can walk the dog. The store can go to the nearest, or specify a reasonable reason for traveling to the far. For example, my friend once a week goes to the other end of the city and every time he says that it goes so far because he broke the TV or burned the microwave. But this Only "our" such cunning, and local – they are obedient.

This quarantine for me is to some extent vacation. After many years of run and painted for a minute, I finally rested! Looked already three series fully: "Good doctor," "hundred" and "in all serious". I read 6 books. Every weekend with girlfriends gathered for parties in zoom.

Like the majority remained without work, but every time, communicating with loved ones and Moscow, I understand that I was very lucky to worry this crisis in warmth by the sea.

When everything is over, The first thing I want to do is to swim in the sea, which I see every day from the window. Then be sure to go to the mountains – climb to the top and feel the wind in the hair! Understand that and with this garbage we coped, survived and you can rush on. And then I will make a plan for every day off this year, and every time it will be a trip to the city, where I have not yet been!"

Elena, organizer of events from Moscow

Quarantine in: Danang, Vietnam

"We are with a young man in Vietnam further planned to fly to the Philippines or Bali, but did not have time until the closure of the borders and the abolition of air service.

Throughout the first half of April was introduced quarantine: closed beaches, cafes and restaurants, food delivery, too, did not work. Between cities and on duty police brigade people in the medical form, they are stopped, the temperature was measured, specified route.

Now working in the country only grocery stores, bakeries, pharmacies, banks. At the entrance to measure the temperature everywhere are sanitayzery. If you get to the beach, kicked off his duty. Ever since the end of March to the authorities ordered all wear masks, and keep a distance of two meters, forbidden to gather more than two people. Curfew after ten pm, closed tourist spots.

Two weeks especially nobody violated. In our city, there were 6 cases of infection, but it has long been discharged from the hospital, so discipline is shaken: People began to gather companies, fewer wear masks, restaurants reopened for delivery and take away. Earned through the delivery of local application Grab.

Days in quarantine fly by unnoticed: we practice yoga, do Circuit Training, are drawn. Looked "Viking", "Stranger" and a bunch of movies. Evenings in Vietnam with bad internet, so often look at night. We read too much. Moscow went to a book club, but here we listen to the meeting recording. Once joined the online meeting, but because of the time difference ended up at around 5 am, it’s considered to be Skype-party?! I go through a course of singing, blended in with a couple of marathons: one with the meditation, the other – dancing.

I miss my parents, but we have written off and call up. We are a young man originally We planned to spend several months traveling from January to May, so far everything according to plan, Only in one place would not stay long.

My dream is to open beaches, then easily be able to still live here until August. Sea, sun, fruits, few tourists, delicious local cuisine, a loved one close, work, TV shows, marathons, yoga. What else does? That’s just my braces are standing, I worry a little that my wax and special gums will soon end ".

Herod, Tarologist from St. Petersburg

Quarantine in: Mombasa, Kenya

"Quarantine caught me in exotic Kenya. Home didn’t even try. At the beginning of the trip, I met a man with whom we had love and shortly before the whole situation I changed the tickets to stay in Kenya. And later, when I thought why not fly home, it turned out that Kenya had already closed the border on the entry and on the departure, so I had to stay.

I live at the hotel of his young man with him and his dog Apollo. I am remotely learning and work. He thinks how to save my hotel business. A dog Apollo hunting for crabs on the beach.

In Kenya, how and everywhere introduced new rules – wearing masks, social distances. Another curfew is valid at night.

Buses, planes, trains on hiatus – the movement between cities and regions is prohibited. I heard how Local bus collected and went to the next city, but the police stopped, fined and sent violators at home. And so, I practically do not go out of the hotel and therefore I see a lot of local life, but I began to notice that Hotel workers gradually steal foods, something to allegedly write off as spoiled, and in fact take themselves.

From foreigners, in addition to me, two more girls from Canada live in the hotel and one of Spain. We communicate in English, but I’m so tired of him that periodically in conversations simply turn into our.

I looked at the TV series "Trigger", "Call Center" – I highly recommend, by the way.

I bought myself new training in my profession. I work remotely – I spend advice every day. It doesn’t let me get bored.

First that dream to do when everything is over? It would be logical to write that I really want to see my relatives first! But I have one such special, tasty desire.. I dream about. cheesecake! In Kenya there is no cottage cheese. And do not tell me that I can make it myself! I also dream about pancakes, I usually do them in kefir, but also there is no kefir here, let the Lord forgive me for curmonary!"

Mary, University of Milan from Moscow

Quarantine in: Milan, Italy

"Quarantine will overtake me in Milan, where I study at a psychologist at the University of Bikokka. When it all began to recruit serious momentum, I was attended by thoughts to return to Russia, but I feared difficulties with a residence permit and eventually remained in Italy.

Quarantine window

We are on quarantine for more than a month and I notice less about how it passes. Sang songs from balconies only at the very beginning. With a neighbor, we remove the apartment in the city center, in the area there is all Milan "Fat", in particular the famous Italian Reper (FedEZ – approx. Red.), So at first in the evening I gave small concerts from my window and everyone listened to them. Now no one sings, probably everyone is tired.

In Lombardy, introduced a rule of mandatory wear of masks when leaving the house. Masks got into pharmacies and supermarkets but they quickly end! At the same time, if you walked down the street without it and you were caught, and this is at best fine.

Now the restrictions are slowly removing.

The first two weeks of quarantine and the apartment and the apartment just degraded: drank wine, danced, a lot of ate, watched the series, slept. I looked at a few our TV series, and all the past ten issues of the show "Fort Boyard"!

Then degrade us somehow tired and we began to engage in useful things. Now I study, resumed my workouts, I study the subtleties of the profession of a psychologist, tighten Italian. We are engaged with a classmate on Skype: I teach him our, and I am Italian. Finally got hands to all sorts of trainings and psychological practices, which I have long dreamed of, there was time to restore your blog. Sometimes we are happy with friends online. In this format even spent the evening of graduates. Our class was very friendly, and many people were always going to such meetings. This time was no exception, although we met online. From this meeting was not less than fun and warm!

I miss all my friends, and especially in the our friends who live in Italy. Very miss my mother, grandmother and brother. In April, I planned for a week or two to come to them to Moscow, but did not work until only online meetings.

I really want to just go to nature, well, and go home, of course, for a month or two minimum ".

Gulsin, Teacher from Tatarstan

Quarantine in: Bursa, Turkey

"I stayed in Turkey. I and my daughter here is a residence permit until June, so We did not try to return. I do not want to endanger mom and other relatives.

In our city on weekends, the curfew. Cannot go outside to persons under 20 and older than 65 years. In shops and markets Entrance only in masks.

But most of the Turks are pofigisthers, so the violators of the regime, of course there are. On our street, the neighbors go outside for a walk with children. A At 9 pm, there is a tradition to applaud doctors.

I work at home online, so quarantine did not affect my lifestyle. I do not do the charging, I don’t watch the series, no time. I read a little. I miss my mother and I am very worried about it, we call up every day.

Purpose of the street for me – only pharmacy, shop and market. With neighbors and do not communicate with anyone, I observe hygiene. Be sure to buy everything in the store. I go to the mask and gloves. I am very afraid of my health and health of my loved ones. I think that this infection will not end soon, so after quarantine I will continue to avoid the clusters of people: No shopping centers, cafes, buying clothing only online.

Now I want to walk along the seashore and breathe fresh air. I really miss and want to hug mom, but hardly hug. I’m afraid for my health and for loved ones.

Seriously thinking to go into the forest: the fewer people – the better! I’m really scary".

Vitaly, student of the University of Vienna

Quarantine in: Vienna, Austria

"At the very beginning of March, the university was warned that quarantine could begin in the country. And indeed, soon the place of mass accumulation of people closed. I was not going to return home: I live in Vienna with a girl, and we remove housing here, plus At the university we were told that the borders are closed for a long time and will come back it is hard.

Quarantine did not find surprise – we purchased a week before it began. They took everything you need, including antiseptics. Restrictions in the country were introduced gradually from March 10 to March 13. These days I feverified everyone: Flower boutiques distributed flowers for free, in stores people started massively buy products. It was a little scary.

As a result, we decided to sit at home, go only to work, a pharmacy and to the store for products, you can walk to one or with one cohabitant, plus to walk the dog. But due to warm weather, a part of the local one still went to picnics, sat on the benches, drinking beer. Police began to finant the most arrogant, but alas, people still continued to break self-insulation.

From April, the authorities have obliged to pass into shops and public transport only in masks, and the stores themselves had to distribute these masks, but alas did not even comply with these rules.

Now the situation is positive, the number of infected falls every day, stores opened, promise to remove restrictions from the beauty salons and shopping centers, restaurants and cafes will open for visitors from mid-May for visitors, now you can only take with you.

There were no difficult times as such, Austrians have lost quarantine quietly, with humor. In the first week there were songs in the balconies, but then everything calmed down, only Police patrols During the evening, an unofficial anthem of Austria "I Am From Austria".

From the social hostel, where we live, you can go into your small courtyard and on the roof. There, together with the neighbors, we do a charge, often play board games, read books – in general, you do not have to miss. Decided to try yourself in cooking – prepare different dishes. And study does not allow to miss, as it is learning remotely harder and need more time to master the material. Most we miss street walks, shopping and hikes in fitness.

First of all, I dream will come back in to training, then go somewhere to travel again, and I really want to be in McDonalds, but, unfortunately, it is closed".

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