Quarantine in Observator instead of rest at Bali

ours who dreamed of holding a new year on Bali, and arrived from December 28 to December 31 in the capital of Indonesia, faced unexpected restrictions on freedom of movement. In connection with the decree of the authorities from the 28th of this month, the country stops flights in all directions from 1 to 14 January 2021. Such a measure is adopted due to the danger of the rapid spread of the new Coronavirus mutation.

For those who arrived in Indonesia after the admission, such requirements were introduced: the negative result of the PCR test was made no later than 78 hours before arrival; re-testing in the country; 5-day quarantine in places specifically reserved for observation.

The situation was perceived by the ours in Jakarta, extremely negative. Instead of a comfortable new year in the selected and paid in advance hotels on Bali, they must at their own expense to see 5 days in specially provided for quarantine hotels.

The complexity of the situation is also in the fact that even departing due time in the observation, the tourist will not be able to continue the scheduled journey due to the abolition of flights.

Among the our citizens who found themselves in the unforeseen circumstances, there are several bloggers who have a multi-million audience and can first describe the conditions of observation places.

According to the Hope of the Sumina, the leading blog in Instagram, now she is with the family of the Observator, which is surrounded by the military, strictly follow the order and not allowing guests to the street. With meals, too, everything is bad – dry swabs and unnatural juices. An antisanitaryness reigns everywhere in the form of crawling cockroaches, lying flies and smell of sewage.

In the people who have involved in such places, there is a feeling that they contain, as criminals, although they are not to blame and are not infected with COVID-19. At the same time, it is not clear whether funds spent on missing tickets paid for tours and content in these observatives will be compensated.

It is worth noting that to get to Indonesia, in order to follow the flight to Bali, only the ours managed to make a business visa, because the entrance for tourists was previously banned.

Also at the moment, the borders of Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait are closed. The same, who managed to get to these countries, will have to withstand 2-week quarantine.

Quarantine in Observator instead of rest at Bali

It remains open to the reception of tourists about 13 warm countries, including such lovelines such as Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Dominican Republic and others.

Before flying to any of the listed countries, check the conditions of entry. In these countries, it is accurately needed to fill out a questionnaire about the state of health, to pass thermometry, for free to be tested for coronavirus. The result of PCR test will be delivered after 24 hours.

Maldives require hotel booking and return ticket.

In Greece, mandatory quarantine for ten days for arrived from December 18 to January 7.

The necessary condition for arrival and stay in all countries allowing the entry with the tourist purpose – Availability of health insurance for the treatment of coronavirus infection.

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