Quan (kwan)

Quan – A small ski complex located in the Kaluga region, in close proximity to the center of Kaluga, in a picturesque location near the Okey River. Distance to Moscow – approximately 180 kilometers (in the Kaluga or Kyiv highway), to Tula – About 110 km.

There are 7 ski slopes on the territory of the complex, including the original track, starting directly on the roof of the five-story building of the hotel and then smoothly flowing into a natural slope, as well as the tubing track and snowpark. Three lifts work: 1 chair, 3 buffaling.


Village Kvaang, located in close proximity to Kaluga, has not yet been noticed. Unusual ear name she received from a dialect word denoting a swamp, drown.

Only a stunning view of the city and surroundings from the High Right Bank of Oka and the mining of limestone, which went on the facing of the Moscow metro stations – Here, perhaps, all the locals managed to boast.

But even in the Soviet season, the foundation appeared at the local authorities – Build in this place the skiing complex. In those years, the dream turned around the construction of a springboard highly significant merits – iron plate having an angle of inclination of about 50 degrees. The construction was visible from everywhere, and the only street in the village was renamed the springline.

Passed years – Steel construction has become unusable, and only in the summer of 2007, large-scale work on the construction of a sports and entertainment center began in this place. They promoted quickly enough, and in the winter of 2008-2009 the complex received the first visitors.

Sita slopes and lifts

To date, the most important building «Quani», Of course, the five-story hotel is. In the complex, it plays a role not only of place of residence, but also additional elevation.

Unusually designed roof – Built building Finns – allows you to use it as part of the main descent. It adds additional 18 meters of height, not at all extra in the conditions of this sports complex, which due to objective conditions is rather refers to «Holmoley».

On the territory of the ski complex "Quan" Seven descents (tracks):

The main slope – Starts with the roof of the hotel. His height drop is 80 meters – This is taking into account the roof. The angle of inclination at 23 degrees allow it to be attributed to the green tracks, full length – 400 meters. You can get on either with the help of a chair lift, either right on the elevator from the hotel building.

Slalomous Route – Located on the left side of the main slope (right from the chair lift). Refers to a black level – 35 degrees at an altitude of 80 meters.

Sports elephant – Located on the left of the main slope, near the highway for Freeride. Height difference – 54 m. Length – 300 m. Tilt angle – 27 degrees. Bougiel lift.

Slope for freeride – Route for inclusive riding, located next to the sports slope. Characteristics are the same: height difference – 54 m, length – 300 m. Tilt angle – 27 degrees. Bougiel lift.

New slope «Kamchatka» – Highway 350 m long and angle of inclination of 20 degrees. Height difference – 54 m. Bougiel lift.

Training elephant – Smooth, gentle 130 meter slope with a width of about 50 meters and a drop of 10 m. Unprior lift.

Children’s slope – A gentle 60 meter slope, intended for small skiers and snowboarders, is distinguished by a very small height drop (3 meters). To the services of Deetva – Baby Lift.

Tubing highway – Great way to entertain, leaning on «Watrushkah».

Snowpack – Sprouts, Railles and boxes designed to perform figures of varying degrees of complexity.

On the territory of the complex «Quan» There is I 5 kilometer route for «Runners», Suitable for free, and for classics.

All descents have a system of artificial lighting, music background is also provided. Most of the season on the slings «Quani» The state of snow cover is adjusted using powerful «guns». Equal coverage quite modern ragners.

This year (2015) the season lasted until March 10, on weekdays the complex works from 12 hours to 23, on weekends from 10 to the same 11 pm. As for the rates, they are slightly lower Moscow.

One lifting varies from 20 rubles on weekdays up to 50 on holidays on the Bougiel, and from 35 to 80 rubles on the chair lift. Day Sky-Passs in the past season cost on everyday days of 700 rubles, weekends – 1200, and on holidays – 1400.

The seasonal card could be purchased for 10 and for 20 thousand rubles, there is a bonuses enrollment system. Instructors – For a fee, of course – will help beginners to ski and «Board».

The rental system allows you to use ammunition and equipment, in the service center you can repair and «Closing» Equipments. There are locker rooms, a cafe on the slope where you can have a snack between the descents.

The cost of ski passes and equipment rental can be viewed on the official website: www.Kwan-Park.Com


From 2012 to 2015 in the territory «Quani» There was a unique for Kaluga rifle club with 8 equipped vehicles for shooting. But it was officially closed from March 1, 2015.

The complex has a rink (in winter), sports ground, billiards, SPA fitness center – Cabinets, pool and saunas, including Hamam. For staying at the hotel all this list is included in the amount of payment.

On the territory of the hotel corresponding to the level «4 stars» (officially not classified as a 4-star hotel), there is a conference room, coffee, a restaurant with Italian cuisine, in the summer «Veranda», Which offers a beautiful view of the surroundings.

In addition to the main hotel building, there are guest houses – For those who prefer the atmosphere of privacy.

For tourists intend to visit «Quan» In the warm season, there is an opportunity to drive on quad bikes, ride horses, try yourself in a mini-golf (9 fields for 18 holes of different degrees of complexity).

What they say they write…

The overall assessment of the complex on the forums and in discussions is quite loyal. Many celebrate a good quality of snow coverage, a pleasant service, relatively low prices, normal technical equipment. But there are a number of complaints, the number of which allows to draw conclusions about the existence of specific problems.

Most complaints cause the roof of the hotel – That is the most, original and amazing. And not even the roof itself, and the randics, which are leaning at night – heard throughout the building, and on the upper floors the noise level approaches unbearable.

Often people complain that all the amenities are designed for living in a hotel, but for «Dikarey» – Neither the locker rooms are normal, nor toilet, no storage cameras. It is doubly unfair because the prices for accommodation in the hotel begin after 3900 rubles, and budget housing is not provided.

Quan (kwan)

For this money, of course it is better to stay in one of the hotels in the center of Kaluga, for example, in Best Western Kaluga or Hilton Garden Inn. The cost of living in them is the same and even lower, but the level of service and comfort is much higher.

It is worth adding that many do not understand why it was to build a building with such complaints about luxury – The marble floor in the lobby, according to which tourists in the appropriate ammunition are constantly in the side of the elevator, is not absolutely appropriate.

Many complaints and incorrect description of free services included in the accommodation price – People faced and with the fact of the impossibility of entering the sauna for not entirely understandable reasons, and with the amazing state of ice coating roller, sprawling «in Kashu» already at 0 degrees.

This season thoroughly spoiled the only chair lifter, which broke – Not at all in time! – In the midst of. Repaired it accurate before closing.

Experts do not advise to take careful equipment with them, the level of the coating is still not ideal. And go from Moscow for one day either does not make sense, road there – back to whom noon leaves, eat all the positive experience of the trip.

«Quan» – development ways

If compared with near Moscow resorts, then the Kaluga complex still has no chance of becoming a full-fledged competitor. Prices for Sky-Passs and tours just below, but road, accommodation and other «Pleasure» A further location make this argument for the residents of the capital insignificant.

And something unusual, attracting attention and makes it choose to make his choice in his favor, this small center has no.

But if Muscovites want to combine active winter holidays with the inspection of Kaluga and its attractions – This is an excellent option. But still the main reserve replenishment of the number of vacationers should undoubtedly become local residents.

And they basically shrugs in response to the question of what they heard about the ski center. Of course, some information is present, but there is no consistently conducted advertising campaign oriented on Kaluzhan, mass competitions that can attract attention, marketing moves aimed at popularizing the complex.

Yes, and prices for locals «bite». But everything depends on the strategy and tactics of the further development of the center.

In conclusion, I would like to say about the unconditional positive value of the creation «Quani» For Kaluga. One wonderful and obviously extraordinary object in the city has become more, and it has become a little closer to the goal of becoming over time to the center of tourist attraction.

Yes, and the development of the complex takes place intensively, with each season, high-quality shifts are noticeable for the better. Therefore, it is worth hoping that the prospects for «Quani» almost cloudless, and predictions are quite optimistic.

How to get

Distance from Moscow to Kaluga – Approximately 180 km in Kyiv highway, approximately the same in Kaluga. The quality of the road is better in the Kyiv, the parking lot for personal transport near the complex is.

Probably thus get to place from the capital – The most convenient option. You can use public transport – bus, minibus, train. From the listed, based on the level of comfort and speed, it is worth choosing an express electric train, several times a day from Kyiv Station – Fast and cheap.

In the city itself, it will be reasonable to use the services of a taxi, but you should not accept the deals of the help perrons next to the peer – Titheroga will take – a lot in the network «licenseal» Delivery Services.

Public city transport in «Quan» does not go, and promised on the official website «Chart» from the host part is not based on the station, but at the hotel «Kaluga» – to which, again, you need to get! – Yes, and it is not clear when and how often he goes.

Guided foggy route: «Right in the center, then on the scriber, then through the bridge, immediately after – left, then by signs», – not recommended for known reasons. But Kaluga – The city is small, compactly located – Very difficult to get lost.

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