Qualytik – the most beautiful beach on the Lofoten Islands in Norway

Kvalvika is one of the most picturesque beaches on the Lofoten Islands. Located a beach in an isolated bay on the north side of the island where you can only get on foot. The route to the beach begins with a special small parking machine on the road 808. I used Maps app.Me, on which all the main tracking routes are depicted, you can walk and not be afraid that you will lose. In this case, it is impossible, a pronounced trail and tourists will not be lost to get lost.

The route is positioned as light, on the tracking there were many families with children. Go to the beach about an hour, only at the end was a complex area with a rocky steep path. People bathed and with us, there were surfingists. Lofoten are located the most northern surfing schools in the world.

A campaign on the beach is popular during the daytime, the place is ideal for coming here with a tent, when, besides you and couples, no one. The best landscapes and the best light also at sunset and dawn. I would like, of course, attenuating at sunset, bask. Another time required 🙂

The best view of the beach opens from the mountain, which is right, it is called Ryten or Ryten (Ryten). I recommend not to be lazy and continue the route for this 500-meter mountain.

If you go to Ryten, then you need to understand that there may be wetlands on the way. Shoes better to take waterproof. Go about 40-50 minutes. But you definitely do not forget the magic landscapes.

First you get on the path of the lake.

Then, rising above, you will see the pointed mountains away on the horizon.

Suddenly clouds are covered, the spectacle is fantastic, they like the lives enveloped the lake and the mountains.

Here you need to take a photo overlooking the beach and mountains from cliff cliff. Ryten is not included in the top "5 of the most photogenic and beautiful places in Norway" only because of the lowest fame, but hardly heavily inferior "Mustlena" or "Troll language", which efforts will spend more.

Qualytik - the most beautiful beach on the Lofoten Islands in Norway

Relax with clouds

You can travel back on another route not to return to the beach.

Go to this fabulous house with a ship

Unquestive Plus Quilviki – Availability. As I remember our 10-hour trip to "Troll language", when my knees were sick and swollen. Br. Although it was also worth it, but an unprepared person will be difficult, and it’s easy to walk to quail.

Someone recommends bringing local brown cheese Brunost or a wool sweater as a souvenir from Norway, and I would bring a sense of privacy that can be fully obtained here.

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