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One lisitation of products opened by the old light by nameless culinary tribes Maya, Aztecs and Toltecs, puts everything in its place. Corn, tomatoes, pepper, potatoes, chocolate, vanillin, peanuts, pumpkin, zucchini, beans, avocado. Without these ingredients, there are neither delicacies of Haute Cuisine, nor a sniffing roadside cafe. But it’s not even a priority or a historical mission of Mexican cuisine. And in its originality. Judge themselves: Recipes of disappeared civilizations, Spanish conquistadors and Texas Cowboys. All in one. Where else will you find such?

Corn – the basis of all Mexican cuisine. Cook the cake of Tortyl, made of Masa Harina corn flour, in broth – and ready . Wrap me meat and beans – . Put there a sweet mass of tropical fruits – here’s dessert. Ingenious how simple. Actually, most popular snacks – ,,, all the same fresh cakes (not only from corn, but also from Wheat Spaniards) Plus filling. Of what? Yes from everything rich mother-nature. Dried beans, the most common smooth black and soft pink, cheeses, salty crumbling and, mushrooms, minced meat with tomatoes, for example, . Full scope for fantasy. Aztec, True Gourmet, created even a special service of the runners (Tamemes), which were delivered to the Royal Palace in Tenochtitlan for Fresh Fish Sales. This, by the way, a few hundred kilometers.

The question of what food is considered 100 percent of Mexican, complex. Most are convinced that export – a la Arbatsky Matryoshki – the style of Texan-Mexican restaurants is just it is it present. Controversy. In the original Mexican essence of steaks, wings and hamburgers believe with difficulty. But it is indisputable that without spices in Mexicohere and the main among them the chili pepper – a visiting card of Mexican cuisine. Although justice must be said that the Mexicans are eating about 80 pepper varieties: sweet dark mulato, black and brown with a fruit fragrance of the Pasilla, a little terribly sharp serrano, dark green halapy. Chaste missionaries, fairly considered pepper with natural aphrodisiak, called for not this hellish plant and, of course, achieved the opposite effect. It is eaten in any form – both separately and in sauces, which seems to have no account: Tomato Salsa, Cheese Chile, Avocado Guacamole Paste (used in snacks and second-dishes), Sauces from Tequila, Mole Poblano , Civilized, softened chocolate, nuts, sesame and other additives of the Native Mulli. The latter is really true !

Perhaps, only Mexican can be more or less without greasy gastritis and not afraid to part with all five feelings. Although, of course, you are free to regulate the severity of onion, legumes and vegetable soups. Chilli, like salt, always on the table. And again corn! The name of the famous speaks for itself. Where without beloved pellet? However, it is not necessary to dust into the chowder and carcass, it is entirely preparing from a special corn grade. Tired of vegetarian food can choose soup soup – . Oysters, lobsters, shrimps, mussels.

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To Columbus in America there were no cattle. And chickens too. Therefore, all sorts of, from several varieties of meat, walking, fried beef ribbons with a bean garnish and even the famous, to prepare this championships, are all talented adapted disorders. Like all the same hot stuffed pellets: resembling our dumplings or coughs, who were once simple omelette, and then turning into peculiar rolls, thick, like a spine on the back of the donkey,). Well, for antiquity lovers – fragrant, cooked on a pair of slices of corn test, wrapped with a leaf of corncut and polished with sauce to choose. Recipe, famous long before the Nativity of Christ. From the category of increditative values.

Spoiled Papaya, Mango, TeaTome Residents of the Province of Niarit for the greatest delicacy worship pieces of roasted sugar cane, which are sold during the Harvest Safra holiday. But the most famous Mexican dessert is a sweet royal bread, the core of which is filled with dried fruit, and the pupa is put inward, symbolizing the baby’s Christ and the onset of the Fiesta, which in the soul of every Mexican always.

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