Extreme quadrocycles

What our does not like quick ride! When the wind blows in the face, blood is filled with adrenaline, and emotions are simply off. And I’m not talking about motorbikes now, which are not available to everyone. Today I will tell you about quad bikes on Phuket. On these small all-terrain vehicles, you can ride without any special training and special skills.

Where to ride?

One of the best extreme pleasures in Phuket is a jungle quad bike trip, rubber plantations, small robusts and hills. There are several places on the island where you can drive on quad bikes: around Big Buddha, on the east coast, near the observation deck on 3 beaches. All of them are different, but the pleasure of the excursion is guaranteed. For professionals, I advise you to go to the province of Phang Nga. This is where, in my opinion, a burned quad bike, the most interesting route.

How is the excursion?

Quad biccles, of course, an extreme occupation, but subject to all rules relatively safe. Before your trip, you will get a small briefing, how to manage a four-wheeled friend, you will tell you all the moments to be paid attention to. If you are going for the first time, do not be afraid. In any case, you can go on a trip as a passenger with an instructor. Then you will have the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings and photograph flying landscapes.

Useful advice

Quad bikes on Phuket Island - where to ride, photos, excursions on Phuket Guide to Phuket

You can take your camera on a trip and even need. But do not forget that the quad bike is completely open, take care of the safety of the technique. Also importantly take into account the shape of clothes. Dust, dirt and water of the rivers are not the best friends of snow-white short, T-shirts and sneakers. It is better to dress in what you will not be so sorry. Footwear can be open, but it is better to take care of the fasteners from behind so that you do not lose it during a trip. And do not forget the sunscreen! He oh how come in handy.

Quadrocycles for children

There are no special restrictions on age. Children can control quad bike, starting from 12-15 years old (depends on the track and power of the quad bike). Passengers of children can be taken with them from 4-5 years. The top bar is not defined in any way, it all depends on your well-being and health. Admire my mom, which first time drove a quad bike. I have a desperate girl, after the American slide with three dead loops in the port of Aventura and paragliding in Nepal, she is nothing scary. Yes, yes, she already experienced all extreme pleasures in Phuket, except, of course, diving and Tarzanka. There I have not yet managed to drag her;)

And forward! On hills and slopes, rubber and pineapple plantations, dust and puddles – to a waterfall where you can swim and refresh. Kamrad, give a towel to my quad bike, for three hours of the trip he managed to stand!

Quad bikes on Phuket Island - where to ride, photos, excursions on Phuket Guide to Phuket

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