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Qantas Airways – The largest airline Australia, also known under the nickname «Flying kangaroo» («The Flying Kangaroo»). The airline is based in Sydney and ranks second among Australia air carriers, after KLM airline. The airline Qantas Airways is the oldest airline among airlines of English-speaking countries.

  • The year of the founding of the airline – 1920-y., A acion of the air carrier traded on the ASX Stock Exchange.
  • In 2008, the airline ranked third in the ranking of the best airlines in the world, in 2007 Qantas Airways was on the 5th place of the same rating, and in 2005 and 2006 – occupied the 2nd position.
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Promotions of the air carrier are distributed as follows: 24% are at the J Foundation. P. MORGAN NOMINEES AUSTRALIA, WESTPAC CUSTODIAN NOMINEES Foundation belongs to 16.7% of the airline shares, and 12.25% are located at the National Nominees Ltd banking group.

Qantas Airways Airways enters the OneWorld Alliance.

The main airport airport airports are: Singapore International Airport and Melbourne International Airport.

The air carrier carries out regular and charter air transportations in 144-rendations.


The air carrier air carriage air carrier qantas airways consists of 135 aircraft aircraft Airbus A330-200 – 8 units, Airbus A330-300 – 10 units, Airbus A380-800 – 10 units, Boeing 737—400 – 18 units, Boeing 737—800 – 40 units, Boeing 747-400 – 21 units, Boeing 747-400ER – 6 units, Boeing 767-300ER – 26 units whose average is 8.8 years.

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