If you want to touch in the life of a typical provincial Greek town, the life of which does not stand around the attractions, and where there is no crowd of tourists, you should go to Pyrgos. It is located in the western part of Peloponnese, not far from the famous Ancient Olympia, the Motherland of the Olympic Games.

It was in Olympics before our era began to be held the first competitions in honor of the throat of Zeus, put the beginning of the Olympic movement. There is still a running stadium with the reference Olympic distance, as well as the ruins of sanctuary and buildings for training and leisure athletes. You can get here on a taxi or suburban bus that departed from the bus station Pyrgos.

In the same town a nice just walk. Here are a lot of Tauren, restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops. There are interesting monuments here, for example, a monument to drachma, local national currency that existed before the Euro arrival.

It is famous for the city with their seafood, which is caught in the picturesque port village of Katakolo, as well as, oddly enough, tomatoes. Here they have a special sweet taste, due to what they grow on the soil rich in volcanic sand. In addition to tomato from Pirogs, you can bring magnificent sweet wine and olive oil, which is produced on farms nearby.

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What is interesting to see in Pyrgos?

Top attractions Pyrgosa

Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos in Palia Agora

Pyrgos: excursions and events

Of course, the most popular excursion from Pyrgos lies in ancient Olympia, which is located in eighteen kilometers from the city. It was here in the oldest times of the Dorians built the temple of Zeus and staged competitions in his honor. Subsequently, the athletes gathered to honor the thumbs up with the entire territory of Greece, which led to the foundation of the Olympic Games. Especially for this was built a stadium for running, a field for fighting chariots, as well as other sports facilities and shells. There were buildings here, where athletes trained and rested. Until now, the construction has been perfectly preserved, where the Olympic flame was lit, by the way, it is here that he lights up before the beginning of the Olympics and today. Also on the territory of the complex there are several shrines, including those dedicated to Zeus and hero.

Thirty-five kilometers from Pyrgos is the largest city of Peloponnese, Patras. Still at the entrance to him you can see the first attraction – The largest rendering bridge in Greece. In the parters, in addition to excellent shopping, you can see many attractions. The most important of them is considered the temple of Andrei the First-Called, the largest Orthodox church in Greece. Here the relics of St. Andrew, as well as the cross on which he was crucified.

History Pyrgos

Climate in Pyrgos

The small town Pyrgos is located on the west coast of Peloponnese, not far from the wonderful beaches that are considered the best in Greece. The proximity of the Ionian Sea and successful geographical location provide in Pyrgos the influence of the Mediterranean climate. It is always warm, both in winter, and in the summer, however, still, more pleasant here is in the summer months, because winter is characterized by frequent and protracted rains, cold wind from the sea and storms.

Pyrgos, Greece Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Pyrgos Tour Profit Guide

In summer, the sediments are not often falling out, about once in one or two weeks, while it is usually a strong thunderstorm in the evening, which quickly pass and can not interfere with rest.

Pyrgos: Entertainment and Active Leisure

In Pyrgos, in the central part of it, there is a picturesque walking street, going uphill to the church. There are many restaurants and cafes, as well as boutiques. On the parties from this street, others diverge, on which there are also a large number of bars, rows with fresh fruits and seafood, as well as souvenir benches. It is here in the evenings the busiest life reigns, in some institutions there is live music. Night club is located nearby, where you can have a pretty fun.

An interesting animation program takes place every evening at the Aldemar Hotel, which is eight kilometers from Pyrgos. After at least one evening here is a room, you can quickly enjoy a bright show with incendiary dancing. Left here for a day, guests will have the opportunity to use tennis courts, a football field, a gym, and also visit the magnificent spa center, it is true, it works for an additional fee.

Transport features Pyrgos

Public transport in Pyrgos is represented by taxi services, it is they used to move around the city. As such regular urban bus routes do not exist, because the town is compact, and the local population is mainly used by cars. However, the city has a bus station from which you can go to Patras, Athens, Thessaloniki, Olympia, as well as many other suburbs of Pyrgos. These same buses run and within the city, driving through and stopping it at stops.

For movement in Pyrgroup and surroundings it is most convenient to use a car rental. In the city there is a rental point Hertz, but due to lack of competition, rental prices bite. However, using buses and taxis as a means of movement, you have to spend more, especially if you travel you are often.

Pyrgos, Greece Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Pyrgos Tour Profit Guide

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