Pyreneev resorts will celebrate Christmas

With the beginning of the new season, all the leading ski resorts seek to attract tourists with special offers or other moments, for example, unusual events. Until the New Year, you can no longer have time to get a visa to European countries, but if there are already permission to enter there, tour operators will offer the last rounds with a discount. Tourists can purchase last minute vouchers from Viasun in Spain and go skiing and relax in Pyrenees.

Local resorts are not so promoted as Alpine, but here they prepared interesting events for Christmas and the new year. Guests are waiting for the Spanish Santa Claus – Dad Noel and Tsari Magi, who will ride together with tourists and distribute them sweets, writes noticia.Ru. In Formigan, skiers will celebrate the New Year, descending along the tracks with torches. Also here, in the PORTALET Park, which will be the center of the family holiday, it will be possible to ride on snowmobiles, dog sledding, bagels and other unusual vehicles.

Pyreneev resorts will celebrate Christmas

In the New Year in Spanish resorts, not only children who are waiting for fabulous entertainment and master classes every day, but also adults. For them, a variety of warming cocktails will be prepared, as well as master classes on dancing in ski boots.

In Havalambre, skiers with the onset of darkness will get the opportunity to watch the stars. Everyone who wanted to rose along the slope of the mountains of the venture on snowshoes, will fall into the improvised observatory. Where professional astronomers will show them where the famous celestial bodies are located, and they will also teach themselves to determine their location.

Pyreneev resorts will celebrate Christmas

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