Pyramids in Bosnia – True or Fiction?

About the pyramids near the Bosnian city of Visoko speak and write over the past 15 years, starting with 2006, when the public was divided about their authenticity. Many people visited the pyramids several times to try to approach the truth…

How and when the Bosnian pyramids were discovered

The pyramids that are called Bosnian today are between the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo and the city of Zenica, near the old town of Visoko (Visoko). In 2005, the US-Bosnian businessman Sam (Semir) Osmanagich (Semir Osmanagić), visited the ruins of fortresses on Mount Hyschica (Visočica) in his homeland and drew attention to the shape of her hills, similar to the right pyramids.

Sam, as a seven in America called, emigrated to the United States during the Yugoslav War and organized there a company for the production of gas and oil equipment, which still owns. From the moment when he first saw unusual hills, his whole life was subordinated to their research and excavations.

Many believe that the theory of the sixty-year-old enthusiast of the pseudo-scientific, and a group of 21 scientists in the field of archeology, geology and history in 2006 signed an open letter that excavations organized by the semic do not meet the rules of their maintenance and cannot be recognized in the scientific world by reliable.

However, this did not stop a businessman who, indeed, does not have a scientific degree in areas related to archeology. In the same year, they created a fund «Archaeological Park: Bosnian Sun Pyramid», To attract funds to this unusual and multilateral project.

Osmanagich argues that a group of pyramidal bosnian hills – This is ancient on earth a group of huge pyramids, created by the hands of a person having many underground moves.

Being an excellent businessman, Semir held an incredible marketing company for advertising Bosnian pyramids, as a result of which groups and individual tourists began to visit this place.

Everyone is trying to solve: True, or not everything that says and writes whether the adventurer-pseudoarcheologist, or the lucky one who has already managed to enter the story with a sensational discovery, which experts argue. Passionate travelers, in turn, seek to see and feel the miraculous energy of this place.

True or ingenious tourist marketing?

At first for many tourists – This is an interesting story, even a bit fabulous. The story that awakens in a person the desire to believe in her, but the mind does not want to trust such an incredible news. It seems particularly suspicious that the pyramids were found in the city of Vococo, the inhabitants of which, as well known to all in Bosnia, experienced and skillful merchants who can sell the impossible, including the history of the Bosnian pyramids, even if it is an absolute fiction on which you can Make good money.

If you listen to the world famous to the science of people, from the very beginning considering all this with great deception, then the hope that the pyramids can be real, quickly fades. Despite this, something continues to attract tourists and attract those who want to check everything on personal experience in the location of the alleged ancient structures.

In the early years, only one plot was available for tourists, where the plates were visible. The material from which they were made, reminded the usual concrete. It seemed that they, indeed, too correct shape and too correctly arranged to be a product of natural phenomena. At the same time, the pyramids themselves are so that their vertices form an equilateral triangle, and all of them are located equally in relation to the parties of the world, which no longer seems simple coincidence.

Many travelers visited the pyramids for many times, seeking to see what newly discovered in the process of continuing excavations, which are carried out mainly on the largest mountain of the complex, called the pyramid of the Sun.

Pyramids in Bosnia - True or Fiction

People pass through the already found tunnels, hitting that it is difficult to believe that they built them. Under the pyramid there is a lake, right in the depths of the earth, and it is difficult to imagine that Nature placed it rightly right there. Amazing and huge round stone blocks with a sufficiently clear line across the entire circumference pointing to the fact that they consist of two hemispheres. Some visitors claim that when they touch their hands, they feel light tingling in the palms.

Bosnian pyramids and health

Some people also assure that they felt changes in their health after staying in the tunnels. It is difficult to say whether it is true or occurs under the influence of a special atmosphere of the place, but the data that Osmaanagich provides, for example, the significantly elevated concentration of negative ions below and above the pyramid, no one can refute.

More and more people who also tried to check the phenomena discovered in the pyramids, including recognized experts, came to similar results. And perhaps these ions have a positive effect on the human body. There were already published other facts that no one denies and who prove – What Sam Osmanagich says is not just an empty sound, especially since it measures the devices recognized in the scientific world.

All this, as well as the fact that over the past ten years people appeared who come annually «pouch» the energy of the pyramids in the temoxo, makes believe that in this «something» there is.

By the way, in July 2020, Bosnian pyramids visited the famous Serbian tennis player Novak Jokovic with parents. Shortly before that he feared Koronavirus. Already in October 2020, he came to Lesoko again, this time with his wife. He said that hiking on the tunnels sat down his light oxygen, and the body – energy, and also advised all athletes to come here more often.

Novak called Pyramids «Stunning treasure» and promised to bring his children next time. After two arrings athlete attendance of the pyramids, despite the pandemic, increased several times, and the sports successes of Djokovich speak for themselves.

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