Pyramids Guimar

Ethnographic Park «Pyramids Guimar» or how else is it called «Town of GUIAR» was opened in 1998. A huge contribution to the giving stone structures of historical significance belongs to Norwegian Tour Heyerdal. Once he received a letter from an unknown addressee with photos of these pyramids. The scientist immediately tagged into the Canary lands. Local residents did not attach much importance to these stone blocks, believing that they were created to protect the soil from erosion and erosion.

Scientist who accepted to study the legacy of ancestors was convinced that the pyramids were built for a cult destination, or rather, the worship of the Sun. After all, the stairs on every stone structure were located on the west side, lifting them on them, was facing the ascending luminaries. Stones from which pyramids were built were volcanic origin, the special structure of the masonry was also observed. Earlier, Tour Heyerdal saw such buildings in Egypt, Mexico, Peru.

Pyramids Guimar Attractions Costa-Adehe Travel Guide

The similarity in the structure said that it was still long before Columbus, residents of different continents traveled and exchanged experiences. Scientist, studying amazing buildings, came to the conclusion that they were built during the gaachi, who lived before the conquest of the territory of the Spaniards.

Everyone can visit the ethnographic park and learn a lot of new and interesting. In the town of Guimar, a small cinema is built, in which a film about the opening of the pyramids, thereby allowing to immerse themselves even deeper into distant times when the island belonged to the Guachi tribes.

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