Pyramids Dakhshura

Pyramids Dakhshura – These are 5 majestic pyramids, which are located at a distance of two km from Sakkara.

Dakhshura’s pyramids were erected during the IV pharaoh dynasty. As you know, the pyramids built during this period are the most beautiful and majestic. Two pyramids are made of bricks, three – From stone. All of them were created with Pharaoh Snofra. Among them, two buildings are especially distinguished: the first – Red Pyramid, Second – Pyramid of an unusual curved form. By the way, these pyramids are considered the first true pyramids of Egypt! And the most ancient is considered the most wonderful – Curved.

There are a black pyramid here, which looks great from the side of the lake. She was erected at the request of a respected ancient historian of Herodota. By the way, it is not black at all, just in the past it often had to cleaned from limestone – Hence such a name. We clarify that come here best in winter: during this period, the lake is within the dam.

The curved pyramid is considered the 3rd largest in Egypt. It is at a distance of 300 meters from another remarkable pyramid – Amenhehet. Her angle of inclination to the middle – 54 degrees, above – 43 degrees. Interior trim of the pyramid is made of mahogany. And she is still preserved! It is noteworthy that the curved pyramid – This is also the first unfastened pyramid in Egypt.

Pyramids Dakhshura Attractions Cairo Travel Guide

Red Pyramid, which is 3 km north of the curved, is one of the first tomb. She was erected around 60 years after the famous Joser Pyramid.

Pay attention to the ruins of the Faran Snorph – Father of the great cheops.

Interestingly, until 1996, these pyramids were not available for tourists – In Dakhshire there was a secret military base. However, thanks to the efforts of the aristocracy, which has always sought to rest in these wonderful places, today tourists have the opportunity to see these wonderful monuments of history.

Pyramids Dakhshura Attractions Cairo Travel Guide

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