Pyramids Abusira

Pyramids Abusira Located at a distance of about 15 km south of Giza. There, tourists will discover a group of pyramids, among which you can allocate three main – Nouiser, Sakhura and Nephirkara. These pyramids were erected with pharaohs V dynasty.

Abusiir’s pyramids are not like pyramids Giza. They were erected at a later time, when the funeral temples were adjacent to the funeral complexes. In addition, these pyramids are significantly lower.

The pyramid of Sahura stands on the ancient basis, which makes it imply that earlier in her place was another building. The entrance to the pyramid is closed.

Pyramids of Niuririgarar are almost close to each other. Outwardly, they resemble the pyramids of the third dynasty. It should be recognized that their external appearance, unfortunately, significantly loses the pyramids of the fourth dynasty (T.E. Pyramids Giza).

Pyramids Abusira Attractions Cairo Travel Guide

Pyramids have a stepped structure. However, they look like someone simply dulled a bunch of stones. It is known that the Pyramid of Nefyrigarar is not completed, it was also possible to establish that it used to be lined with limestone plates.

Pyramid of Nouizer, as well as the Pyramid of Nefyrigarar, has a horizontal internal passage – Another difference from the pyramid Giza.

There is here and another interesting object – Mastaba Pataschepses – official with pharaohs. In the past, it was the majestic temple, which today turned into ruins. However, here tourists will be able to see two very original sarcophagus, performed extremely skillfully made of pink granite. Pay attention to the powerful walls isolated from large blocks.

Pyramids Abusira Attractions Cairo Travel Guide

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