Pyramid in Kazan – Stylish architecture of modernity

In the our city, Kazan on the bank of the Channel "Bulak" would seem to be a real space shuttle with aliens. This attraction has a view of a similar ship that could be seen in "Stargates".

The pyramid has a gray-blue pastel color of his outer sheath. Whereas a special backlight with proper location, exactly divides the base from the vertex of the spacecraft. The effect of this backlight creates a feeling that the design will now take off.

The world famous "Pyramid" is The largest cultural and entertainment complex.

What is worth paying attention to by visiting the Kazan "Pyramid"

On the first floor of this unique structure there is a foyer, decorated in gentle pastel colors. Practically in the most entrance to the domestic halls, visitors have a chance to cross the majestic sculpture. This architectural heritage is bangible on the stairs, and is distinguished by double visual similarity: With a cat’s goddess and ak-leisure symbol at the same time.

Pyramid in Kazan - Stylish architecture of modernity

Inside the musical hall for concerts there is an appropriate equipment. The main feature of this room is innovative Chair system. Her trick is that it can Transform specifically for each individual upcoming event.

Whatever happened in the concert hall "Pyramids", whether conferences, concerts or performances – the first to do the ranks, calculated by only 1130 guests. Removing the amphitheater and parquet zone, it turns out a fairly spacious area for the dance floor (at least 1700 people can fit here). During the process of disquising for a banquet, a lot of tables can be placed in the concert hall, which will be able to accommodate 500 visitors to the celebration.

In addition to this themed hall, the complex is also equipped Disco Club, Center for Sport Exercises, Atelier for Confectioners and Other Infrastructure.

Pyramid in Kazan - Stylish architecture of modernity

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